LIONEL PODCAST: Lone Gunman, Jet Fuel, Terrorism, Liberal/Conservative, The American Dream, The Best Country In The World, Freedom Of Speech And Other Myths

There are people who insist on living in a fantasy world. A world that’s safe from truth. A world that never deviates from the American Dream and the make believe world of the MSM la-la land. Bill O’Reilly’s world of made up Lincoln factoids. MSNBC leaning forward when they should be more froward. And mention to anyone who believes in the aforementioned that maybe their world is a joke, a fraud, a myth . . . that horrible conspiracies and cabals hijacked history and set in course a terrible world plan, they dismiss you. They can’t hide their pique, their peeve.

This is an email I received from a PIX 11 viewer. Feel his contempt for reality.

Dear Lionel:
Time to return to reality.  All you JFK conspiracy nuts should either produce evidence that his assassination was a “conspiracy hit”  or finally shut up.   You quote the conclusion of the House  Assassination Committee as credible and dismiss the conclusions of the Warren Commission?  The latest investigation results using advanced technical data released this month concluded that Oswald acted alone.  The last detailed assassination book “Case Closed”  also concluded  Oswald acted alone.  Despite the fantasy films of Kevin Costner and Oliver Stone, we still have no credible evidence that others were involved besides Oswald.

The fact that not a single conspirator has been discovered in 48 years will not discourage you theorists from endlessly repeating your conspiracy fantasies..  When you unearth one of your phantom conspirators, we will stop laughing at unproven theories.


I wrote back as follows.

You’ve studied nothing, know nothing and apparently care to keep it that way.

It’s a free country.

Thanks for watching.

His response to my response?

I don’t have to prove a conspiracy didn’t exist, you have to prove a conspiracy did exist.  Show me the evidence!  48 years from now, you will still be looking for the “conspirators?”

Don’t thank me for watching, I change channels as soon as your face appears on the screen.


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