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LIONEL PODCAST: Our Country Faces An Existential Battle

No two more diametrically opposed figures in American politics exist today. Two completely different approaches and strategies. Antipodal. Chrial opposites. But Obamanation acolytes fret not, your boyfriend Barry will be enjoying POTUS status for one more and final round. Be not mistaken. The entrenched superstructure and globalist bankster and institutional scaffolding will ensure that Barry stays put.

And how ’bout some good news? The financial catastrophe is beyond catastrophic. Zero Hedge says it best with this headline: $15,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOOBAMA! – It’s Official: Total US Debt Passes $15 Trillion. But don’t worry. No one else does. Why should you?

The facts are before America’s eyes. If only they’d open them. Here’s what I touch upon herein.

  • Obama will win a second term. The fix is in. Take that to the bank. Write it on the wall. Not because he’s the best candidate. Oh, no. This is different.
  • The only hope for this country is a revolution and Ron Paul is its George Washington. There is simply no candidate of note who even approximates Dr. Paul’s needed vision.
  • Monetary, currency and credit issues are they gravamen of this, our natural national indictment.
  • Australia is the model for confiscatory carbon trading. As notes: “President Barack Obama has ominously praised Australia’s draconian carbon tax, even as details emerge over how the government plans to fine businesses up to $1.1 million dollars merely for suggesting the fact that the new tax will cause prices to rise.” Get ready. It’s coming this way.
  • Hyper-militarization of police. The theme’s old. But I’m right.
  • The Super Committee — the testament to arrogance and illegality.
  • How the public’s allergies to the conspiracy theory don’t seem to apply to Sandusky and his co-conspirators of silence.
  • The Ted Baxter sockpuppet media think that Occupy Wall Street is over. Far from it, Sparky. This I assure you.

LIONEL PODCAST: Sandusky Presages His Suicide

He killed himself with Bob Costas. It was suicide by media. And don’t be surprised if he offs himself before it’s all over. Sandusky and his ilk are cowards. He couldn’t handle prison. And for life no less. He’ll meet a new group of folks who don’t take too kindly to child rape and are themselves most expert at inappropriate behavior . . . in showers! And Jerry the psychopath-narcissist came through in spades. Still taunting the system. Still goading the public. Go ahead, try to catch me. I’m Jerry Sandusky. I’m invincible. King of the hill.

Bob Costas’s interrogation of Jerry was absolutely masterful. It was perfect. Direct versus cross examination. Brilliant! But the moment that I’ll never forget. The moment that cinched everything. The moment that sealed his fate was when Jerry played cute with the most important and basic question: Are you a pedophile?

Jerry: “Am I sexually attracted to underage boys? Sexually attracted? You know, I enjoy young people. I love to be around them, But, no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.” Wow. What’s wrong with “No”?

And his lawyer, the cosmically inept Joe Amendola, let this happen. The heroin lure of the camera strikes again. Amendola (Latin for “dumb ass”) as you may recall knocked up a 16-year-old girl and later married her, according to a new report. But, as they say on Fox News, get this: this when he served as her lawyer during her emancipation case in 1996!

Herein in this podcast I discuss some themes and memes that’ll make ’em scream. Good. The truth hurts.

  • The not-so-subtle homoerotic activities that many self-styled macho men unwittingly follow and find themselves immersed in. Sandusky the skeev speaks volumes about sports, male-only cabals and the psychology of towel-snapping locker room “high jinks.” The culture of the hyper-masculinized world of football. Uniforms that accentuate male physique — broad shoulder-padded hulks slapping each other on the arse. Nothing but contact. A quarterback sticking his hands through the center’s legs fumbling for his ball. And it all screeches to a halt while an effete pinstriped official tosses his  hanky and blows his whistle.
  • Your suspicions should be at their height when it comes to organizations that cater to helping boys, especially the underprivileged and at risk. Paedophiles are experts in targeting their quarry. They know how to get to their prey through their insecurities and the lure of encouragement. Grooming, seduction: these are the tools of the serial pederast and predator. They insinuate themselves into the world of these children who crave attention and care. Think about this the next time you consider presenting your little boy to the head of a program that promises direction and care. It’s where paedophiles go for kids, folks. Wake up.

Yeah. Wake up. And grow up!

LIONEL PODCAST: Behold! The Most Insane Judge On This Planet

I still cannot believe this story. As an ex-prosecutor, criminal trial warrior I can say this with no hesitation whatsoever: This has to be the stupidest judge ever to walk this planet. Granting an unsecured and de minimis bail of $100K for a serial child rapist hit with a 40-count indictment alleging life felonies?! An unsecured, cross your heart and hope to die bond? Are you out of your mind?! Especially when the prosecutor wanted $500K and an ankle bracelet. And you never tell anyone that you’ve volunteered for the feeder organization that provided at-risk young men to this child rapist?!

There are two criteria determining whether bail should be granted: (a) the protection of the public and the danger a defendant poses; and (b) the defendant’s likelihood to answer charges and not flee. If for no other reason than to prevent him from offing himself or having some Dexter dude beat him to the punch, this judge should have made the bond $10M. And with a maximum sentence of 460 years looming over him — not life, mind you — I hope they’ve secured his passport because Maldives and other non-extradition countries would be looking real good to me if I were Ol’ Jerry.

Most politically astute judges would give anything to have a reason to be nowhere near this case and this judge had the perfect excuse for recusal. But no! Amazing. Don’t be surprised if bail is later revoked and Sandusky’s tossed into the hoosegow. Segregated, I would imagine. This feller’s a dead man. He should be in custody for his own protection if anything. You know the stories about prisoners not caring too much for short eyes? They’re all true. And these folks know a little something about how to make communal showering real uncomfortable.

Recusal is defined as follows: “To disqualify or remove oneself as a judge over a particular proceeding because of one’s conflict of interest. Recusal, or the judge’s act of disqualifying himself or herself from presiding over a proceeding, is based on the Maxim that judges are charged with a duty of impartiality in administering justice.” Law students will remember this juridical chestnut — Judges must avoid the mere appearance of impropriety.

Judge Who Set Unsecured Bail For Jerry Sandusky Is A Second Mile Volunteer

When Jerry Sandusky was initially arraigned, as previously reported by Sara Ganim, prosecutors requested $500,000.00 bail and that Sandusky be required to wear a leg monitor. District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, however, ordered that Sandusky be freed on $100,000 unsecured bail. She ordered that Sandusky be freed and pay nothing unless he failed to show up for a court hearing.

Judge Dutchcot has quite the professional resume. In addition to her duties as district judge, she is of counsel to the firm Goodall & Yurchak. It speaks to the small-town nature of the county, I suppose, that the firm’s URL is “” According to her profile, Judge Dutchcot has been named the State College Lawyer of the Year, completed a “Leadership” program and has served as a counselor at Centre County Law Enforcement Camp Cadet, Inc.

Of course, also according to her profile, Judge Dutchcot is a volunteer for Sandusky’s group, The Second Mile. Sandusky turned himself in the morning of Nov. 5, a Saturday, at Judge Dutchot’s Centre County office. He was released, under the aforementioned terms, shortly thereafter.

Attorneys often serve charitable foundations in their pro bono capacities, or just volunteer in their spare time, so there is nothing weird about that. It just seems that, given the nature of the charges, the small-town atmosphere, and her relationship to Second Mile, Judge Dutchcot should have recused herself from being involved with this process. Or that could be precisely why she did not. [E.S.]

The ABA has provided this nifty model rule as to recusal.

Standard  6-1.9. Obligation to perform and circumstances requiring recusal

(a) The trial judge should recuse himself or herself whenever the judge has any doubt as to his or her ability to preside impartially or whenever his or her impartiality reasonably might be questioned.

ABA Standards for Criminal Justice: Special Functions of the Trial Judge, 3d ed., © 2000 American Bar Association.

And finally, I received the following email from someone, shall I say, “in the know.” He writes eloquently on the problems addressed herein.

How many of the kids abused were kids whose cases had been reported but CPS was stretched too thin to adequately investigate? How many were cases in which some underpaid college grad knocked on a door and left after getting no response (or wrote on a sheet that they visited but didn’t) because they had 20 other houses to visit that day? Reporting does not equal salvation. Will the increase in reporting (and an increase in false reports) when the budget for the agency is not increasing really protect those kids who are actually at risk? By calling for a law mandating that everyone report suspected child abuse, you are reducing the attention that  actual abuse victims can receive.

From a legal perspective, what does it mean to witness or know about child abuse? The Penn State case of walking in on a rape in progress is exceptionally rare, so what will be the common experience? A child yelling? Kids yell when they are angry at parents who haven’t touched them. And who decides what constitutes witnessing or knowing?

Hindsight is 20/20.

Needless to say, nothing makes sense. Nothing.

LIONEL PODCAST: More Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Is An Old And Insane Response To Sandusky

Patriotism. Combustible rubbish ready to the torch of any one ambitious to illuminate his name.
Ambrose Bierce

Prolegomenon. Akin to this is the dime store moralist and tripwire reactionary, the dimensionless sockpuppet who projectile fires barstool hamfisted blather as to how to handle this Jerry Sandusky character and his ilk. “By Gawd, I know how to fix this sitchee-ashun!” Nice try, Sparky. You’ll meet this feller or the more usual and frequent: the guy who says, “If I ever saw some man bugger a child, I’d kill that sucker with my bare hands! On the spot!” No you wouldn’t; that’s not the way it works. What most people experience who encounter that, in the extremely rare occasion, is a slack-jawed paralyzing astonishment. It’s an old issue and has been bandied about for years by legions of the unimaginative.

What about §81.4. Rules of Professional Conduct? The Pennsylvania Code seems pretty clear about this provision. I wonder if Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly heard about it. I have my doubts after her press release.

Rule 3.8. Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor.

The prosecutor in a criminal case shall:

(e)  except for statements that are necessary to inform the public of the nature and extent of the prosecutor’s action and that serve a legitimate law enforcement purpose, refrain from making extrajudicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused and exercise reasonable care to prevent investigators, law enforcement personnel, employees or other persons assisting or associated with the prosecutor in a criminal case from making an extrajudicial statement that the prosecutor would be prohibited from making under Rule 3.6 or this Rule. [E.S.]

The nomenclature of abuse. The term ephebophilia is the sexual preference for adolescents around 15-19 years of age. In everyday parlance, the term pedophilia (or paedophilia), strictly describing a sexual attraction to prepubescent children, is also colloquially used to refer to attraction to adolescents. Pederasty is sexual relations between two males, especially when one of them is a minor. Note the nuance of definition: attraction, preference, act.

Lionel’s suggestions, admonitions and critical analysis. There will be a test.

  • Don’t even think of passing more laws. It’s the first knee-jerk reaction that just clogs up an already juridically constipated system. “There ought to be a law” is the refrain that we’ve got to remove from our patellar quiver. This is usually the first reaction from the well-intended but frightfully legally nescient. My PIX 11 blog expands upon this theme.
  • Don’t even think of giving us another ___’s Law. Megan’s Law. Caylee’s Law. Amber Alerts. The only names for laws should apply to physics and science in general. Eponymous victim laws are campaign tricks and publicity stunts used by unscrupulous and unimaginative pols or the No-Scheiße polemicist.
  • Concentrate your attention as well on the falsely accused and prosecuted. And there will be even more than there already are. These victims are never mentioned what with the yelling and screaming for more laws and prosecution. If you really want to see the enormity of this, look no further than divorce cases. False accusations to gain position and sway in custody matters are through the roof. Sexual abuse registries, the “hit parade,” offer no due process means to remove names.
  • Some kids are most savvy to the mechanics of false claim maelstroms. They know exactly the score. They’ll tell parents boldly that if they wish to, all they have to do is pick up the phone and ring CPS.
  • Become as conversant in the mechanics of pedophile predation as you are peanut allergies. If I hear one more health expert talk about peanut allergies, I swear I’ll take a life. Look, I’m not trying to minimize the problem, but if just a portion of the energy of learning about nut-based anaphylaxis went to pedophile predation, more cases could be prevented altogether.
  • Vaccinate your children from ignorance. It’s their nescience that will hurt them. They’re tougher than you think. You’ve simply got to level with your kids.
  • Declare a war on pedophilia. Just as we did a war on terrorism and drugs. But this time our target is very easily defined.
  • Utilize this Bib Sis mentality in protecting kids. Use the technological genius of DHS and that which inspires it and direct it to ferreting out the abuser. But there’s no money in that so let’s move to the next step.
  • Start asking what keeps a parent quiet for so many years. I simply don’t get it. The growing number of children who will be included in victim rosters means that scores of parents and families kept this quiet for years. Why? Do you mean to tell me after the litigious frenzy of suing the Catholic Church the public wasn’t hip to the money available in settling a case against Penn State?!
  • We have to be more suspect of Little League coaches, Boy Scout leaders, clergy — anyone with access to kids. Especially those who volunteer who are without kids. Or single. Red flag. Big time. Sorry, but we know that that’s where child predators bait the field.
  • Goodbye sleep-overs and camping with others. Adios! It’s a new era. Remember the parents who let their kids stay with Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson?! Who are these parents that let kids go alone to camps and enjoy trips with complete strangers, albeit coaches? Add this again to the “I simply don’t get it” column.
  • Jersey Shore shark attack analogy. Get ready for more stories both against Penn State and stories of mass institutional child sexual abuse in general. As is often the case, and as seen by analogy in the perennial case of swimmers bitten by sharks off the Jersey Shore followed by a concomitant media feeding frenzy, watch the floodgates open.
  • What’s off the front page? While this story has our rapt attention, what important story or stories is our Ted Baxter brain dead media ignoring even more than usual?
  • Failure to report versus coverup and obstruction of justice. This is a critical distinction. And hugely important. Make sure you understand the difference. If not, go ask an adult.
  • Misprision. At common law it consisted of failing to report knowledge of a felony to the appropriate authorities. And there were exceptions: relatives, family members, spouses. Are these folks suggesting this? Have they ever heard of it? Why am I asking so many questions?
  • What exactly must you report: the exact details, the totality, the severity? These are all various and several considerations. Try delimiting them in a statute. No, go ahead. I dare you.The functional difficulties in abiding by these proposed new statutes will prove most problematic.
  • High Five? You are creating an inherent conflict with the Fifth Amendment: I have no duty to self-incriminate but a compulsory statute might negate or make impossible my Constitutional protection(s). When the non-reporting is subject to a crime, add another level of complexity to the problem.
  • Be careful not to traumatize a child even more. For a review of this option read this scathing indictment. Also remember that kids will be forced to undergo stripsearches and be checked and poked and prodded and photographs in ways that would amount to sexual battery if done by a stranger. And caseworkers and nurses are strangers. This also destroys parent-child trust and autonomy.
  • In more cases than you can imagine, sometimes it’s best to let a kid call the shots. To show some autonomy and control. Mandatory reporting laws would kill that. A parent would have to decide whether to honor a child’s request over the fear of prosecution. The option of whether to report or even if to report should remain with parents and affected children. Sometimes they elect to decline pursuing a claim criminally for reasons that only they should be allowed to decide.
  • Imagine if the allegations had been about recruiting violations! Oh, my. Heaven forbid! They’d never let anything risk their NCAA ticket. But child rape? Apparently, that’s no big deal.

And it’s not just me. The National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (NCCPR) agrees.

More Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Would Be Worst Response to Penn State Scandal

Published in The Sacramento Bee

The worst response to the child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State University would be to rush to broaden laws requiring people to report their slightest suspicions of child maltreatment, according to a national non-profit child advocacy group.

“The calls to make anyone and everyone report anything and everything to child protective services (CPS) agencies are as harmful as they are predictable,” said Richard Wexler, Executive Director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform. “A massive expansion of mandatory reporting laws will harm the very children it is intended to help.

“More children will suffer at the hands of child abusers because CPS caseworkers will be even more overwhelmed with false allegations and have even less time to find children in real danger,” Wexler said. “And more children will suffer at the hands of CPS agencies – because inflicting a child abuse investigation on a child who was never otherwise harmed is an act of child abuse in and of itself.”

Wexler said the Penn State cases were not the result of the lack of laws. Rather, he said, if the allegations are true, “two people already required to report child maltreatment under existing law failed to do so.”

Changing laws now would only result in “a deluge of false allegations called in by newly-minted ‘mandated reporters’ protecting not children but themselves – because they feared being punished for failure to report. The time wasted on these cases would be stolen from children in real danger.”

In addition, Wexler said, “a child abuse investigation is not a benign act.  When total strangers pull a small child aside to question him about the most intimate aspects of his life, that can traumatize that child. The trauma is compounded if the child is stripsearched by caseworkers looking for bruises. The examination for sexual abuse is even more traumatic.

“Sometimes children have to be put through all that, because the risk of actual abuse is even greater,” Wexler said. “But the threshold for starting such a process should be higher than some guess by, say, a school secretary.”

For more about the harm of expanding mandatory reporting, see NCCPR’s Child Welfare Blog,

Apopemptic Finding. In all of its well-intended motivations, new mandatory child abuse reporting statutes for the foregoing reasons and averments are not a good idea. To put it mildly. It’s a decades old, hackneyed and hoary proposal. The favorite of the clueless, nescient and criminally unimaginative. And in an area that will be the most difficult for many to understand, stop empowering the state with more jurisdiction and control. That’s enough.

LIONEL PODCAST: Wonderful Tampa Memories, WMNF, The Legendary 970 WFLA & When Local Radio Was Great, Ballsy And Unapologetic

I was born in Ybor City at El Centro Asturiano Hospital on the date of Ralph Vaughan Williams’s death. I referred to this “hospital” as the roach motel of Tampa. People went in but they didn’t come out. You knew relatives were a goner when they got the death sentence. “Zia Pepina’s in Centro Asturiano.” Which was followed by an immediate sign of the cross. I’m a Tampeño. I’m fluent in West Tampa and can used coño at least 50 times in a sentence, each with a different meaning, reference and inflection. I’m a cracker. I’m from Flawda, not Florida. Tampa. Not Tampa Bay. Tampa. West Coast, fine. But Tampa, get it straight.

Do you want to hear a Florida joke? “I’m from Florida.” Get it?

In this podcast of myriad musings I center in on my love of a local community station in Tampa: WMNF. That’s @WMNF for you Twits. Saturday morning programming is my absolute favorite. Bluegrass and Florida folk. The station’s a treasure. A jewel, a gem. It’s the last hope for real, honest to goodness radio. Not this hyper-commercial, soulless, syndicated slumgullion of sonic egesta.

The Sui Generis Quartet. (L-R Tedd Webb, Gordon Solie, Bobbie Heenan & That Guy)

This was taken at a celebration of Jack Harris’s 50th year in radio. Jack’s approximate age has been approximated to the Æneolithic age. Jack Harris owns Tampa. You can’t kill him. There’s a hologram already constructed for when his spirit ceases. Tedd Webb is beyond legendary. The poster child for sang-froid, the beloved Webb is in a class by himself. In this podcast I describe how this sick bastard lured me, a radio tyro circa ’89, into breaking every radio and FCC law known at the time.

“Them was the days” of conspicuous consumption. It was fun, risky, ribald and unapologetic.

The Walter Cronkite of Wrestling, Gordon Solie, and I involved ourselves in activities that I’d rather not describe in writing. And the great Bobbie Heenan remains one of the most brilliantly funny people I’ve ever known.

Those were the days, a trite refrain that belies its brilliance. Days we shan’t ever see again.

LIONEL PODCAST: JoePa’s Death Sentence & Republicans Just Love Stupid

This podcast addresses two areas primarily: (a) the ouster of Joe Paterno after that horrible serial rapist and pederast, the xanthodontous Sandusky was finally popped; and (b) how despite MSDNC and other Obama acolyte professional left media outlets don’t understand that no one cares about a bumbling, logolalic GOP candidate. He’s quaint. Or something.


  • JoePa lawyers up. There’s a slew of litigation heading his and their way. It seems though that Paterno’s off the criminal liability hook unless he stupidly obstructed justice or perjured himself during any grand jury investigations and/or the like.
  • The destruction of the Penn State brand. Can you say Shinola? Remember the connotation to this day of Duke Lacrosse?
  • The severability of culpability. Most folks have a very serious time apportioning individual versus joint and several liability.
  • Legal versus moral responsibility. The two, sadly, are not in any wise identical.
  • The doddered Paterno. His advanced years and living in the Penn State bubble may have insulated him from the severity of this problem.
  • The prediction of Paterno’s untimely and said demise. I truly hope I’m wrong here.
  • The beneficial aspects of this case — this will be a precedent-setting lesson. No one will want to ever repeat this moment. Until the next fool commits the identical crime(s).
    And now for the next subject of discussion.

    The GOP’s Immunity From Stupid

  • This means nothing.
  • Republicans think stupid’s quaint.
  • It’s not a GOP quality to favor and/or hold as valuable intelligence, savoir-faire or a minimal command of facts or the ability to speak. All one need remember is to mention lowering taxes, speak dreamily of Reagan and mention jobs. You can deny evolution, Darwinian mechanics, natural selection — no problem. You can believe in intelligent design and a great big man on a cloud with a white beard — no sweat. Dubya was a cacoepist. Reagan had no clue what movie he was in. These are incidentals. Watch. “At least Ol’ Rick doesn’t need a prompter like Barry, huh?”
  • I truly think there’s something wrong with Ol’ Rick. Aphasia, insobriety or dipsomania or a combination thereof.
  • LIONEL PODCAST: Alas, Poor JoePa. Abandoned And Hung Out To Dry.

    Joe Paterno was fired late Wednesday night as the result of a growing child-sex scandal. The move is effective immediately meaning he will never coach for the school again. I predict two things: (1) watch the lawsuits pore in with lead counsel being those experienced in the Catholic Church abuse cases; and (2) I sadly predict that from this moment on you can count Joe Paterno’s remaining days on earth because the trauma and humiliation of this icon’s ouster will most certainly prove beyond devastating. I hope I’m wrong. But when you’re an icon like JoePa this loss will be beyond incalculable.

    Joe Paterno, one of most successful coaches in college football history, was fired Wednesday night by the Penn State Board of Trustees amid an ongoing child-abuse scandal involving one of his former assistant coaches.

    University president Graham Spanier was also fired.

    Paterno, who announced earlier Wednesday his intention to retire at the end of his 46th season with the Nittany Lions, has been the center of criticism for failing to contact authorities in 2002 after being told a graduate assistant saw former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky assaulting a boy in a school shower.

    Sandusky was arrested Saturday and has been accused of molesting eight boys over a 15-year period. He has denied the accusations.

    Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley will serve as interim coach.

    In a statement released before his firing on Wednesday, Paterno expressed remorse for the victims and regretted not doing more to stop the alleged incidents.

    “This is a tragedy,” Paterno said. “It is one of the great sorrows of my life. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.” [Source]

    The rape of boys by human swill Jerry Sandusky, one of Joe Paterno’s former longtime assistants, makes me puke. That’s an understatement. If you’ve the guts and the stomach, read the grand jury summary. He’s a predator and a psychopath of the first order. What people must know is that these sick people insinuate themselves into the lives of their victims. Sandusky is a pederast, a pedophile and a cold, calculating serial rapist. It’s time to get medieval. Might I suggest axle grease and a soldering iron? Cauterize his cloaca. That’ll send a message.

    But JoePa’s been abandoned. Hung out to dry. And he committed no crime. There’s no misprision charge that’s available to prosecutors. And while there may have been a moral obligation to do more, he’s 84. He told his boss. The Penn State legal team should have swept in instanter and learned from the lessons of the Catholic Church and their debacle. They should have immediately thrown this sick piece of human egesta under the bus. Sandusky was of no use to anyone and, moreover, he was a lightning rod. For the life of me, why Penn State waited for a second to frog march this rapist to the nearest precinct, I’ll never know.

    The New York Times notes the following.

    Upon learning about a suspected 2002 assault by Sandusky of a young boy in the football building’s showers, Paterno redirected the graduate assistant who reported the assault to the athletic director, rather than notifying the police. Paterno said the graduate assistant who reported the assault, Mike McQueary, said only that something disturbing had happened that was perhaps sexual in nature.

    As for Paterno’s criminal exposure, it seems he’s without the range of criminal exposure.

    Under Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law, certain individuals, including teachers and school administrators, have a legal obligation to immediately report suspected child abuse to child protective services or law enforcement, or to a “person in charge” (supervisor), who must then report the alleged abuse to the authorities. The reporting must be honest. When in writing, the reporting must also include known information about the nature and extent of the suspected abuse, along with other material details.

    Within one day of learning from McQueary of the alleged abuse, Paterno notified [athletic director Tim] Curley, his boss. By doing so, Paterno satisfied an obligation to immediately report to a person in charge. [Source]

    It all reminds me of Brando in On the Waterfront: “[Y]ou shoulda looked out for me a little bit. You shoulda taken care of me just a little … .”

    They should have looked out for JoePa. They should have taken care of him a little.

    And just look at this sick waste of flesh. Look at him. He’s going to meet some very nasty people in the hoosegow who don’t cotton to this child rape thing. Provided he doesn’t off himself first. Or if someone doesn’t beat him to it.

    LIONEL PODCAST: Lies, Extortion, Blackmail, Champerty, Maintenance, Mountebanks & Media Whores. Business As Usual.

    Behold the face of victimization: Sharon Bialek. I know this might be a tad desultory, perhaps, but doesn’t she look like a cross between Gennifer Flowers and a post-surgery Roseanne Barr? And throw in Stifler’s mom from the “American Pie” for good measure. I’m just saying.

    This poor woman. Feel her pain. See the look of embarrassment as she withdraws from the world. The look of terror is permanently tattooed on her face. Oh, don’t let that smile fool you. This is the face of sexual victimization at the hands of that animal Herman Cain. In 1997. Fourteen years ago. Bill Clinton was President. She merely came forward now, lo these years later, to help Herman Cain. Oh, this’ll help, all right. Imagine if she wanted to hurt him.

    In today’s podcast I hit upon a number of subjects that intertwine, intersect and are interconnected.

    • Gloria Allred is the last person I’d ever call for anything vaguely resembling something remotely legal in nature. What insanity for Allred, the Al Sharpton of sexual harassment, to pick the hallowed halls of the schtick temple The Friars to announce Cain’s latest decades old victim. And dropping the “stimulus package” line?! What was she thinking. Truly.
    • The real story about Conrad Murray’s conviction: This was a civil case. The DA’s grandstanding. The crime of involuntary manslaughter is not designed to handle a sloppy, greedy doctor. No, that’s what reality shows are for. (That was a joke.)
    • The Joe Paterno disgrace and what this means. The cult of college football and the illusion of impenetrability play powerful roles in this mess. Paterno should have been better protected. Why in the name of Gawd would they protect for one minute former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. A lowly nobody compared to the football God JoePa. I would have thrown Sandusky over, under and on top of the bus. The reaction was insane. Haven’t they any memory of what happened to the Catholic Church?
    • The similarity in cultures that inspired the Paterno-Murray collective messes. The illusion of invincibility and impenetrability lay claim to its latest victims.

    LIONEL PODCAST: Spanking Is Barbaric. It’s All About Pissed Off Parents. It’s Anger Not Discipline.

    Every now and then an issue is presented that highlights critical analysis deficits and logical linear reasoning pattern failure. Spanking is that issue. It inspires an almost predictable series of observations and questions that are predictable to a tee. (Or “to a T” if you’re a James Wright fan.)

    • I was spanked and it didn’t affect me adversely.
    • I don’t believe in hitting or punching or beating or slapping but the more euphemistic spanking and the lovable swat.
    • Spare the rod . . . you know the rest.
    • This country was far better off when parents were allowed to spank their kids without fear of lawsuits, the police of child protective services investigations.
    • Corporal punishment, an ancillary issue, also permitted a better day and country. (Along with prayer in school, of course.)
    • You can’t discuss spanking unless you’re a parent. That would mean that you can’t discuss police brutality unless you’ve been a cop.

    The fact remains that inasmuch as most people have never really seen another spanking episode, this particular seems horrible. Because they’re all horrible. Parents spank and hit because they’re pissed off. That’s it. It’s not about discipline; it’s about being royally and, admittedly, rightfully pissed off. Parents never see their own behavior as abusive. They redirect their lack of adequate parenting skills and merge it somehow with effective behavior extinction and discipline. They can’t fathom how a child screaming in fear whilst mommy or daddy wales away is somehow spirit or character building.And they never could imagine the sexualized violence that, yes, spanking can be. The literature is replete with study after study suggesting such. Listen as I explain herein.

    Parents see themselves through the most fascinating prisms. Prisms and lenses that laser focus on defense mechanisms. Listen. At your own peril. As you might gather, I’m not a fan of spanking. I mean, think about it: you can’t discipline a recalcitrant death row inmate with spanking, a condemned man you will kill via lethal injection. If you can’t spank him, how in the name of Gawd could you justify spanking your own kid?

    LIONEL PODCAST: My Political Manifesto — A Tutorial For The Abecedarian

    I liked this graphic. It’s funny but speaks to one of my tenets: no labels. If you can label your ideology, it’s therefore too simplistic for my intellectual tastebuds. I have no philosophical or political worldview per se. I’m a political atheist and subscribe to no ideology or party or school though I cafeteria-sample many. I’m labelless. So stop trying to guess or pigeonhole.

    • The primary area(s) concerned and detailed herein are at the POTUS/international foreign policy level. I couldn’t care less about dithering over gay marriage, Reaganomics, DADT, flag fetishes, In God We Trust theocratic objectification, the secularization of Xmas and basically anything you’ll hear on either MSDNC or Fox. They certainly warrant attention, but that’s not within the purview of this podcast and my fundamentals. While there may be some areas of left-right differences at some strata, e.g. social programs and legislation, at the top tiers is without meaning.
    • The dangerous myth and illusion of the left-right paradigm. Conservative and liberal occlude issues and obfuscate truth. To quote Quigley, “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers.”
    • The cult of personality. Too often ideologies are defined by their loudest proponents and/or opponents. Further obfuscation. Further prevarication.
    • The pathology and deception of globalism. For something as dangerous as globalism, it enjoys such a benign labeling. Globalism: it connotes an international spirit of cooperation, joined forces and concerns. Nonsense. The globalism I speak of is a subjugation of my country into a member-state status and the ceding of jurisdiction to an international confederation and consortium that defies our Constitution.
    • POTUS and the dented shield (the essential metaphor).
    • The blocking offensive of MSM media.
    • The prototypical professional leftie and conservative: archetypical absolutes and their inapposite applications.
    • Monetary policy (credit and currency) is the only policy issue worth paying attention to. Nothing is as important as this one, singular issue. And nothing, sadly, less understood and grasped.
    • The future of conventional war. Adios to the dogfight. Hello “asymmetrical” warfare.
    • The principal leadership committee. The Mighty Four who run the show and the growing irrelevance of POTUS.
    • Be not a conspiracy theorist but a conspiracy analyst.
    • You must embrace alternative and foreign press. The Internet is your salvation.
    • Tolstoy was right: History would be a wonderful thing if only it were true.
    • American Presidents are not elected by Americans.
    • Stop asking how or why. Remember, it’s their story. Translation: You’re under no duty to explicate how something was carried off or executed. It’s their story. Let those who propose fantastic stories of terrorist legerdemain (for example), let them explain how that happened. They who claim have the burden of proof.
    • Enemies shmenemies. New allegiances and coalitions are forged by the hour.
    • The globalist world moves in 25-year increments.
    • Americans now nothing about history and care not to learn. They don’t vote unless it’s DWTS.
    • American political theories are infantalized, Manichean and wildly apodictic.
    • It’s all “a work.” (Borrowing from the wrestling argot.) Everything that purports to represent this country’s governmental latticework is but an illusion, a Potemkin village.
    • The Federal Reserve is as federal as federal Express. It’s part of the globalist bankster version of the Gambino crime family. The Fed has enjoyed unfettered, unlimited, unauthorized access since 1913 and the MSM wouldn’t dare question anything. Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, on June 20, 1932, noted, “The Federal Reserve is one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this Nation is run by the international bankers.”

    To be continued. This I can assure you.