LIONEL PODCAST: Big Brother On Steroids — It’s Against the Law To Be A Fat Kid

The New American

The decision by social workers in Cleveland, Ohio, to take a 200-pound third grader away from his mother and place him in foster care is raising concerns about how much power county and state social service agencies have to interfere in the lives of families.

As reported by the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the eight-year-old boy was taken from the home in October after case workers determined that his mother wasn’t doing enough to control his weight. The officials said the boy’s severe obesity placed him at risk for developing such medical conditions as diabetes and hypertension.

“But even though the state health department estimates that more than 12 percent of third-graders statewide are severely obese,” reported the newspaper, “… this is the first time anyone in the county or the state can recall a child being taken from a parent for a strictly weight-related issue.”

It’s official. Fascism’s here. The systematic and deliberate habituation of us, a sheeple nation, to increased militarization and aggressive policing is in full swing. The government is Lord, it controls you and what you read, see, think, eat and how you raise your kids. Should you dare stray or veer from that which is accepted as standard you will feel the wrath of your Lord government unleash a torrent of hurt upon you the likes of which you’ve never seen. You have no idea what’s in store. This is a beta-test.

This has nothing to do with fat kids or obese kids or at risk kids. It’s not about BMIs or diabetes or health. It’s about conditioning a sheeple nation to accepting any and all control over it by an increasingly Draconian government. Forget the psychological trauma a child feels when removed. Forget the ostracism he receives from classmates and peers. That is of no concern to anyone. It’s the lesson that’s being taught: Submit. Or else.

And from July, this beaut.

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