LIONEL PODCAST: Destroy Imagination, Daydreaming And Thinking. Conform, Sheeple!

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Quick, who said that? If you didn’t answer Weird Al Einstein you are an alien. I’ve seen this quote on T-shirts, posters and even in men’s room stalls. You heard me. (Don’t ask.)

But this is the one that should be tattooed to your forehead: Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds. That’s the secret to a winning spiritually at life. Ignore the weak-minded bastards that surround you. From the time you were warehoused in schools, blasted with pacification and indoctrination brainwashing, told to march and conform — you’ve almost unconsciously boxed yourself in a conformity FEMA camp of the mind.

And let’s throw in psych and emotion medication to boot and look what we’ve got: a society of scaredy cat, unimaginative, timorous people who live life playing it safe. Not I.

Set up your own blog. Record your thoughts in a podcast. It’s more therapeutic than anything you can or could possibly imagine. Trust me. Let me show you how to do it. Just plug in and open up. Free association, baby.

And, on a lighter note. What would the holiday season be without the usual bogus fusillade of feigned anger from Bill O and the Fox Newers and the perennial claim that there’s a war on Xmas? Note infra, my riposte.

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