LIONEL PODCAST: You’ve Been Intellectually Castrated, Defanged & Deflowered

The biggest obstacle that we as a society face is to find a way and a means to retrain and reorient the way we think as a people. The conditioning process has resulted in a society with brains of mush. Afraid, timorous and blinded by cocksure nescience. We are a most hamfisted lot of intellectual laggards. In this podcast I address a few points.

  • Explaining the myth of the “conspiracy theory.”
  • Blinded by innocence.
  • The federal government is incapable of telling or speaking the truth.
  • Never believe anything until it’s officially denied.
  • History as prescience.
  • The crimes of your government.
  • Don’t ask why.
  • The nature of our collective subjugation to the global collective and the NWO.
  • If allowed to do and get away with anything, what would your government and the world power structure do?

And here’s Exhibit A. No other subject comes to mind that better exemplifies how we’ve been retrofitted into Sheeple: passive and obeisant critters who nod hypnotically and move wherever we’re instructed. We don’t react, think or anger. We are spectators to our own slaughter and our government must be equally amazed at how much we continue to take. The TSA and its gate raping, Fourth Amendment violating glorified skycap thugs know no decency or rational limitations and all the while we watch tsk-tsk’ing.

Ask yourself this question as I address in this podcast: If allowed to act with impunity and without restriction, what sort of world would your government have you living in?

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