LIONEL PODCAST: I Hate Politics, Lies, GOP, DNC, M-O-U-S-E

Oscar Wilde said. “Those who try to lead the people can only do so by following the mob.”

And every candidate follows a mob. And in the case of the Republicans vying for the big one, they’ve no new ideas save the incessant references to Reagan, their patron saint, and that which they’ve memorized.

They recite the following rote incantations of the GOP inter alia:

(1) flowery and unqualified adoration of all things Israel without the slightest understanding of the complex issues present nor an appreciation of the disagreements within the State itself bordering on the insulting;
(2) an equally robotic obeisance to the Second Amendment and a pathetically childish understanding of the issue;
(3) the advocacy of a strong national defense no matter how stupid and/or inane, the support of all defense expenditures and the incessant and mindless repetition of the “support the troops” mantra;
(4) a resounding thumping of the Bible — unless you’re Mitt;
(5) a determined and profound dislike of terrorism and anything Islamo-fascist, the most severe oxymoron since criminal justice; and
(6) a silly at best nationalistic patriotism that amounts to nothing more than polishing and being in constant possession of a  flag lapel pin, risking the necessity of surgical removal.

Excerpted from Lionel: Make Way for Mr. Nobody

And, oh yes, the photoshopped picture supra depicts Michele Bachmann on the pipe.

And herein is the recorded thoughts of yours truly. Unabashed, unfiltered, unfettered and unedited.

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