LIONEL PODCAST: Here’s The Poop On The The Sandusky Case. The Trial Warrior’s Inside Skinny.

This is Joseph Amendola. He’s Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer. And if he knows what the hell he’s doing, I’m Eleanor Roosevelt. In what can only be described as one of the most boneheaded moves ever, he waives yesterday’s preliminary hearing. But this case is not just about stupid lawyering, it’s about something abecedarian and fundamental.

Let me summarize today’s podcast.

  • The Ted Baxter sockpuppet MSM cannot and could not be any more pathetic than it has been in describing the rudiments of constitutional protections and criminal procedure.
  • Sandusky’s criminal charges trigger absolute and time-honored protections afforded and accorded every American. Not technicalities or loopholes that shield the guilty from conviction but something even bigger.
  • The public confuses a jury’s determining whether a case was proved beyond a reasonable doubt with detective work. The latter ceases upon charges being filed. It’s not who did it but can they prove it.
  • There seems to be nothing that gets the public’s attention more than what is perceived as an unjustified acquittal. Release the thousandth erroneously convicted, some soul languishing on death row, minutes away from being dispatched via state murder and not a peep.

It’s emblematic of a bigger, sadder picture. Our country’s nescience anent the Constitution, the foundation of our republic. Sad.

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