LIONEL PODCAST: Obama, Romney or Newt. No Difference. Ron Paul Is The Answer.

All right, let’s stop pretending, shall we? The insane trope that there exist appreciable differences between the GOP candidates — pick one, anyone, save Dr. Paul, of course — has run its course. As has been said innumerably, and certainly by me, the left-right paradigm is but an illusion. That simple. It’s not real. It’s fictive, ersatz, fugazy, name it. It ain’t real.

If there is any chance for this republic, it’s a Ron Paul presidency. I’ll save the usual proviso “He’s not perfect.” Who in their right mind would ever even consider using that as a statement of belief?

In addition, the following subjects are covered.

  • The insanity of the barking seal public clapping over new cellphone restrictions in cars.
  • The acclimation of control.
  • No one’s leaving Iraq, so get that through your thick skull.
  • Derek Jeter just may be the most boring man on the planet.
  • Criminal defense lawyers: a godsend.
  • Watch Bloomberg push for more gun control.
  • “Supporting the troops” inadvertently is the worst thing you can do.
  • The hero fetish.
  • Incuriosity as a national epidemic.
  • Customer service pledges and surveys. It’s a work!

Enjoy. Wallow in thought.

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