LIONEL PODCAST: I’ll Slit Your Throat For A Pair of Sneakers.

I’ll slit your throat for a pair of Air Jordans. Your safety means nothing to me. Your life even less. I’m a part of the new frontier America. A bloodthirsty amalgam of the most treacherous folks you’ve ever met. I’ve been habituated to abuse and a disregard for human life. My world is filled with the marginalizing of human worth: abortions, war, capital punishment, (theoretical) cloning, collateral damage, name it.

And keep in mind that I’ll do this to you when I’m happy. When I’ve got money. Imagine the savagery during a food shortage or bank run. Remember Katrina? Remember the horrors? And the folks in charge actually like this. To constantly remind you that we teeter on disorder and chaos. That you need them for order and control and maintenance. You mean nothing to me because I mean nothing to my government. I’m tasered, felt up, gate raped and groped at airports. I’m pepper sprayed, hogtied and batoned for any reason any cop feels appropriate on any given day. I mean nothing to them; you mean nothing to me.

And as the right and left savage Dr. Paul, let me explain why we need his ideas and his plan. Are you sitting down? The only way that my country can break away from the death grip of gloablism is through someone who espouses just half of what Ron Paul advocates. Why settle for half when you can get the real thing?

Again, are you sitting down?

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