LIONEL PODCAST: Pray To Bob, You’re Crazy; Pray to God, You’re Elected. Go Figure.

One of the most fascinating aspects of life. If I talk to Bob, pray to Bob, tithe to Bob, worship Bob, seek Bob’s forgiveness, tell others about Bob . . . I’m nuts, right? Wait, did I say Bob? I’m sorry, I meant God.

Now that changes everything. Why? I haven’t the slightest idea. What’s the difference?

Now, despite my frustration with those who fail to recognize the irreligious, I have a hard time with those who ceaselessly attack religion like Bill Maher, that unreasonably angry prompter-reading prototypical playbook leftie who rails against people of faith.

I’ve a lot that I discuss in this podcast. A lot indeed.

And now, let me impart upon you the wisdom of the ages, viz. The Black Socks Phenomenon.

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