LIONEL PODCAST: The United Stupid of America

This is the/my last podcast of this year 2011 C.E. The year’s been horrible. Annus horribilis in spades. But you’d never know it to listen to Americans or watch TV or that dreck MSDNC or horrid Faux “News” or the soporific CNN.

2011 saw the continued subjugation of Americans to a global supra-governmental hierarchy. The destruction and implosion of world monetary systems. And a whole bunch of scheiße too horrible to mention.

Within the context of this podcast is a presentation of thought and idea for your consideration. Among items discussed inter alia:

  • The olive oil analogy and allegory.
  • Conspiracy versus hidden.
  • The irrelevance and invisibility of truth.
  • And the secret to painless weight loss.
  • How to ship Styrofoam.
  • Why they sterilize a needle before lethal injections.
  • How high is up?
  • If it’s neither here nor there, where the hell is it?
  • Why you really shouldn’t drag someone into your house after you’ve shot him on the front lawn? (Hint: Leave him there and feign ignorance.)
  • Who was this Grafenberg dude and what’s with his spot?
  • Why flesh colored Band-Aids and adhesive bandages are racist? (Flesh colored?! Whose flesh?)

To those who’ve subscribed through the year(s), thank you. To the cheap bastards and penurious skinflints who don’t . . . I think you know what you can do.

Oh, and here’s what I really think about extra-jurisdictional Tweeting violations.

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