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LIONEL PODCAST: Stop Appeasing the Tyrants

The will to resist is all but destroyed. Your will, the collective will. It’s not that folks are happy with what’s happening, they simply don’t care. Less they could not care. (A variation of “couldn’t care less.” Get it?)

I was thinking about Phil Ochs. His legacy, his message. Mention a protest song today and what would a kid think? What’s a protest song? Who’s the revolutionary, where’s the counterculture? They’ve no idea why anyone would be even protesting. Protesting what? Why wold someone complain? Aren’t things OK?

And it’s not just kids. It’s everyone. It’s not contentment but insouciance, ennui, nonchalance. The will to resist is gone. Destroyed. It’s an amalgam of learned helplessness and habituation conditioning. And while other news delivery systems and commentary vehicles speak of dissension, it’s tepid and targeted at the mythical left-right illusion. The bottom line is that any perceived dissent is contrived, orchestrated and carefully monitored.

We’ve no will to resist. And don’t even miss it.

The only chance for any change in this country is Ron Paul and a Paulian platform. It’s that simple. And yet, the mainstream feckless Ted Baxter media continue to marginalize him under strict orders from those on high.

LIONEL PODCAST: Revolution Against Tyranny Is Quintessentially American

Che Guevara said that cruel leaders are replaced only to have new leaders turn cruel. Brutality is inherent in global power. And the savagery knows no limits. You can’t conquer without destroying those whose liberty interferes with rapacious consumption. These are nasty, evil people who think nothing . . . literally. They think not, feel not and care not.

The only way we can change things is through revolution. A top to bottom rejection and removal of all that’s status quo. That requires you know considerably more than you do. You’re stuck in a world of stupid. You know no better. You’re stuck. Stuck in an information quicksand. You mean well, you want to trust but you’re too trusting.

It’s inconceivable that your country is being run by some of the most perfidious and mind-bogglingly evil people. And I use that term evil often. Because it’s most apt.

This is from an email that was sent to me from a viewer. It’s listed as is. The import of its message is unmistakable and unnerving.

Since my move back to Jersey over a year ago I always make sure to catch your segment on PIX11 at night. It seems you’re hitting the nail right on the head night after night. In 1969 my family took a summer vacation in Eastern Europe to visit family in Czechoslovakia and Poland. Since we had to cross three different borders we were treated to shakedowns and searches by machine-gun wielding storm troopers. At one checkpoint they took prayer books from my mom, which were gifts for her relatives. While staying with family and friends we were warned not to say anything anti-government in mixed company. My father was dragged to the police station for questioning one morning because of a conversation we had at a gathering the night before. I thought to myself, how wonderful it is to be an American. Forty something odd years later, and my own government is now treating me similarly. When Reagan was elected I had a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that this was the beginning of the end. Then came Bush a few years later and then another one. I did not vote in the last presidential election because I didn’t like the idea of wasting my time to elect a paid for (put a corporate, interest group, or lobby name here) presidential candidate. My vote doesn’t matter anymore. As a musician I wrote some nasty anti-political tunes over the years but no ones got the balls to play them. One of them was even removed from a popular music site because of its message and language. When the GOP was in St. Paul I saw our government at its best. Harassing and beating innocent Americans who were there for peaceful demonstrations. All your comments are true, but the trillion-dollar question is; what can Americans do about the current state of affairs? It’s like living behind the iron curtain again. Unless the whole country rallies to remove the present so-called leaders nothing will change and things will only get worse. Do you have an answer? Anyway, keep up the great work. Too bad you’re not running for prez, cause you’d definitely get my vote.

Evil. There, I said it again.

And now, wanna blow your mind? Watch this. This is just an ort, a brief sampling of the evil that man can exert. When you mention mind control, the clueless sheeple laugh. Oh, it’s just another crazy conspiracy theory. really? Are you sure about that?

LIONEL PODCAST: Ted Baxter MSM Imbeciles Drop the Ball on ACTA

How can you tell that a story’s important? If our Ted Baxter MSM isn’t covering it. Think of the sockpuppet media as the inverse bloodhound. You go the opposite direction of where it indicates interest. But that’s tough because of what it ignores.

ACTA is huge. Beyond huge. Europe’s agog over the notion of this Draconian encroachment. They’re marching in Poland and this is only the beginning. It’s also a treaty versus legislation. The world governments know that an unfettered Internet poses a direct and palpable threat to their limitless, unfettered power and control.

Herein is the latest installment of my most pressing issues, that which is critical to me. And, I trust, you.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Most Biased “News” Repeating Agency on the Planet

Repeating versus reporting. Big difference. The former is stenographic, an echo chamber, an apparatchik. The latter is, well, reporting.

Remember when they were great? What happened to the mighty CNN? It was the source. It’s where you went to hear the adults. Before silliness contaminated the cable news world. Before Ted Baxter soured the mix. And now . . . I feel abandoned.

Dana Bash, John King and Fareed Zakaria. Folks, meet Mr. & Mrs. Obama Shill and the globalist lap dog.

The bias is horrid. And the backdrop, the behind the scenes story is even mo frightening. PsyOps N-N.

PODCAST: Liberty Sometimes Demands Anarchy

I remember a time when I looked at the notion of the anarchist as silly. (And how much the word looks like “Antichrist.”) Moreover, those who spoke of revolution. I thought it oddly faddish and jejune tripe. Trendy blather. Faux revolution bollocks.

Well, cut to today. Enter stage left. Scared, amazed and disillusioned I am. While I’m certainly not suggesting or abdicating anything violent, I am endorsing something drastic and significant and earth-shattering. The system as is is rigged, fixed, corrupt and contaminated. There’s no fine tuning this mess. No surgical alterations. No, it needs to be overhauled and returned to the way it was designed. The default government — as the Constitution mandates.

Each and every day, I’m awash and immersed in a controlled Ted Baxter MSM that grovel and wallow not so much in mis- or dis- information but as they are in distraction. Distraction that’s inspired by slovenly and torpid snooze gathering. Jiggling keys in front of the crying baby.

And be not mistaken, my friends. I’m not prone to reactionary excess as some are. It’s not in my nature or DNA. What I am prone to is being able to identify and target lies and distortion. And I submit that the country is thirsty for truth and reality.

Funny, you’d never know that if you just watched what America just watched.

LIONEL PODCAST: Can You Say Irony?

See anything wrong with this picture? Go ahead. Take a look. As Ashleigh Brilliant said, “To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.”

You’re not even aware of the issue of surveillance because you’re so used to it. But this, this picture supra speaks volumes. And what’s even more troubling than the pervasive monitoring of citizens itself is the fact that so many young people especially have not a clue or care as to the implications. Why? Because they’ve never known a time when they weren’t bathed in surveillance. Alas.

And what I find thoroughly fascinating and amazing is how the Ted Baxter sockpuppet echo chamber media completely missed the point about Mittens Romney. It wasn’t the fact that he parked millions offshore, it was the entire system of what was offshore that should have been investigated. That was the story; that’s what needed exposing. But no, that would make sense.

So enjoy this video morsel and the podcast. And thank you for subscribing.

LIONEL PODCAST: Realize It’s Real Lies and Its Real Lies.

“The thought police would get him just the same. He had committed–would have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper–the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you.” – George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 1

It’s our mentality. Our psyche. We’re actually a pathetic lot. We’re scared, cowed and corralled. Victims of a collective, national learned helplessness. Led like sheeple. We look to courts and governments to control us. To protect us from ourselves. When we bully each other we demand laws to protect us from us. When we’re hateful and/or racist we demand hate and bias crimes legislation. Why? Again, to protect us from us.

You can blame government all you want. But if the government feared us like we fear it this would be another story. I don’t know when we lost our guts. Our temerity and intrepidity. Our backbone. When did we become so impuissant, so pathetic. So unbelievably scared.

I love this picture supra. It would make no sense before the Hopey administration really. He turned up the heat and unleashed his TSA/DHS goons on us full-throated and full-throttle. Our bodies are compromised; our Internet is under attack. Remember, this is all Obama. Even Dubya and President Cheney never came close to this tyranny. The Patriot Act is nothing compared to the NDAA. Hope? Change? Ha!

By whom? And why? Again, pardon the incessant refrain, but what happened to us? Not to be crude, but what happened to our balls? We’re orchidectomized geldings. Castrati. Pathetic.

In an Orwellian constancy and verity — our government is our enemy. Aren’t you getting tired of this theme?

I am.

LIONEL PODCAST: Dangerous Is He Who Channels Our Forebears

Always start off with a scary quote. Charles A. Beard noted as follows: “You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence.”

I love this message. I adore its pertinence and applicability. And its relevance.

You see, what poses the greatest threat to those who run the show is an informed electorate. Especially those who are possessed with the facts and worse . . . a true sense of American history, especially the words of our forebears.

Are you sitting down? A sorta-secret report dated February 20, 2009 was distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) entitled “The Modern Militia Movement.” A document footer indicates it is “unclassified” but “law enforcement sensitive,” in other words not for public consumption but if you ask me, it was intended to be received loud and clear à la a limited hangout of sorts. A copy of said report was sent to information warrior His Most Enlightened Sir Alex Jones by an anonymous Missouri police officer. It’s worth a look. And the article cited provides a wealth of information. I hope you’re sitting down.

Fusion Illusion. As is usually the case you’ve nary a clue as to just how bad things have become. And it’s not your fault. OK, maybe it is, but change that now. I’ll help. Wake up, remove your head from the recesses and interstices of your arse and pay attention. Smell the coffee as some are wont to do.

The ACLU speaks of the rather innocuous notion of the Fusion Center. “The federal government has facilitated the growth of a network of fusion centers since 9/11 to expand information collection and sharing practices among law enforcement agencies, the private sector and the intelligence community. There are currently 70 fusion centers in the United States.” Go ahead, Sparky, read all about them.

This is just a bit, a sampling, amuse-bouches to tantalize your intellectual and critical thinking palate.

And it is with the utmost in sincerity and absolute gratitude that I thank you for subscribing and joining in the chorus of liberty.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Frogs Are Being Boiled

As you read this, your country’s being cooked. And you’re the main course. You’ve been acclimated to this. You’ve been told to look the other way. Trust your government and besides, the media will be there to expose anything the government does that violates the law or Constitution. Ha!

And while liberty slips from our hands, the media world is all aflutter over Newt’s ex-wives. Can you believe it?!

We are a country of schmucks.

LIONEL PODCAST: The World Wide Wiretap

ATTENTION: Occupied USA, listen carefully to what I’m saying: Your current group of kidnappers — those who claim to be your “elected” government — have long tried to get the genie back into the bottle. When DARPA developed the Internet(s) in the 60’s it had no idea what would happen. How you’d dare to take off with it as you have was never anticipated. They’re own torpor has saved us. You stood your ground and dared to claim it was yours! China’s Internet is the model. That was to be the way the web was organized. But the gov’ment never saw it or you coming.

The WWW has become and was always designed to be the World Wide Wiretap. And the reason why it’s so critical that it remains unfettered is that if it doesn’t or fails to exist, our society would crumble. Because the only hope for truth in news, for true and actual journalism, is an unfettered, unedited, unencumbered, unbowdlerized, unplugged system of data and information delivery. That’s what this is about. And that’s why you should care about this. I don’t care if you’re one of these hoary types who eschews Kindle because you love the smell of a book. Fine, that’s you’re prerogative. But I and millions like me around the world look to a censor-free unlimited Internet for any chance of the truth.

And that’s why this is important. This very podcast wouldn’t be possible without that which I seek to protect. Dig.