LIONEL PODCAST: Sayonara, Common Sense. Adios, Critical Thinking.

I would feel so much better if the world would acknowledged that it’s been and is currently narcotized and tranquilized chemically and/or otherwise artificially. It would explain everything. It would explain how I’m increasingly forced to meet incompetence and utter stupidity from every angle imaginable.

Can we as a species be devolving intellectually? Could years of evolution neo-cortically be unraveling before our very dim eyes. Look around you, no matter the venue or stage. Look and see just how horrid the world is unraveling. When I speak as to what to expect in the upcoming year(s), I feel like I’m yelling in the forest. With no one listening. No one caring.

I’m not paranoid, conspiratorial or jaded by nature. I don’t begin with the premise that I’m being lied to. But that’s changing this year. That’s changing now.

As Otto von Bismarck, that madman, stated: “Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.”

I’m getting that tattooed on my forehead. Now listen.

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