LIONEL PODCAST: Lionel on Alex Jones’s Infowars Nightly News

I appeared on Alex Jones’s Infowars Nightly News yesterday and discussed a host of issues with Alex.

I love this screen capture. It looks either like a hostage video or something eerily Big Brotheresque. In any event it’s always a pleasure and more importantly, fun. There’s something so refreshing about uninterrupted, heavy-calibered talk. ‘Twas indeed a pleasure.

I have previously described Lord Jones thusly:

Alex is simply without peer when it comes to his platform and delivery system. He’s mastered ever medium of data and information delivery imaginable, viz. radio, audio podcasts, TV, documentary, print, carrier pigeon, cuneiform, smoke signals . . . but I digress.

The man’s a citation machine. And as I’ve often admonished citizen historians and observers, demand citation, reference and authority. Insist upon the source of a claim being made. Jones spews citations relentlessly, without surcease. And his powers of steel trap recall are frightening. And I don’t mean vague recollections; I’m talking statutory particularities and arcana that would impress the most encyclopedic of eidetic memory mavens. He’s a whirlwind. A dynamo. A machine. The passion he possesses is unheard of in conventional broadcast spheres. His teeth-gnashing grit and excitement, his perfervid adherence to his mother Constitution inspire me. He’s a whirlwind, a machine and a cosmic force not to be trifled with. Dismiss him at your own peril.

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