LIONEL PODCAST: The Height of Duplicity

No, not Obama. The Presidency. Today, that is.

Americans think of the retro-Presidency. The POTUS of yore. What you get now and will continue to get is a Prez who’s representing our country as a member state in a global, international consortium. He pledges our military as the enforcement tool of a global strategic realignment.

And this POTUS in particular has shown a complete and absolute disregard for your civil liberties, viz. TSA gate rap, NDAA, domestic surveillance, rendition. Shall I go on?

Is this the change we hoped for? It sure as hell isn’t what I had in mind.

Enjoy this podcast moment of mélange.

And, oh yes, a little morsel of what’s to come. Seems that the Empire State’s Guv wants to make everyone convicted of any crime provide a DNA sample. Why, for Chrissakes? Why should a convicted litterer be compelled to give a DNA sample? As I explain, it’s to habituate you to the idea of complete and total control.

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