LIONEL PODCAST: With the Exception of You and Me, Americans Are Frightfully Stupid.

‘Nuff said.

Herein, my disquisition on that which appears to me to be the most important. At least for now.

  1. Even if Ron Paul does win. Do you think that will change anything? Globalism 101, the men behind the curtain do what they want. Politics is their game. Obama is a good man, Clinton I have no doubt too, but they just can’t do shit, their bound. They do what their told to do. JFK didn’t look where it got him, And Abraham Lincoln told the FED to F’off, what happened to him? Obamas job is to stay alive, as was Bushes, and every other president before. Ron Paul is no different. Even if he does get into th oval office, if he does what he says hes going to, they’ll kill him.

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