LIONEL PODCAST: Don’t Tell Me the Truth!

Imagine you’re told that your grandmother was a trollop in her youth. A prostitute of the first order. A drug-addled skank. Assume it’s true. And assume arguendo that you react as many would. You would angrily deny it. You’d curse the declarant.You’d cover your ears and ignore the veracity of the bad news. You will not be inconvenienced by truth. Take that, Al Gore!

But assume it’s all true. You don’t care. Just don’t tell me the horrible truth. Let me trudge through life bathed in the warmth of ignorance.

That’s the way most react to what they call conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories: the code word, the meme for the unfathomable. The horrible. And so often, the truth.

I expose the truth. Better yet, I refer you to the documented truth. But never documented in this country.

So enjoy the podcast and these offerings. First, a demented cop followed by me: not a cop, but equally demented.

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