LIONEL PODCAST: The World Wide Wiretap

ATTENTION: Occupied USA, listen carefully to what I’m saying: Your current group of kidnappers — those who claim to be your “elected” government — have long tried to get the genie back into the bottle. When DARPA developed the Internet(s) in the 60’s it had no idea what would happen. How you’d dare to take off with it as you have was never anticipated. They’re own torpor has saved us. You stood your ground and dared to claim it was yours! China’s Internet is the model. That was to be the way the web was organized. But the gov’ment never saw it or you coming.

The WWW has become and was always designed to be the World Wide Wiretap. And the reason why it’s so critical that it remains unfettered is that if it doesn’t or fails to exist, our society would crumble. Because the only hope for truth in news, for true and actual journalism, is an unfettered, unedited, unencumbered, unbowdlerized, unplugged system of data and information delivery. That’s what this is about. And that’s why you should care about this. I don’t care if you’re one of these hoary types who eschews Kindle because you love the smell of a book. Fine, that’s you’re prerogative. But I and millions like me around the world look to a censor-free unlimited Internet for any chance of the truth.

And that’s why this is important. This very podcast wouldn’t be possible without that which I seek to protect. Dig.

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