PODCAST: Liberty Sometimes Demands Anarchy

I remember a time when I looked at the notion of the anarchist as silly. (And how much the word looks like “Antichrist.”) Moreover, those who spoke of revolution. I thought it oddly faddish and jejune tripe. Trendy blather. Faux revolution bollocks.

Well, cut to today. Enter stage left. Scared, amazed and disillusioned I am. While I’m certainly not suggesting or abdicating anything violent, I am endorsing something drastic and significant and earth-shattering. The system as is is rigged, fixed, corrupt and contaminated. There’s no fine tuning this mess. No surgical alterations. No, it needs to be overhauled and returned to the way it was designed. The default government — as the Constitution mandates.

Each and every day, I’m awash and immersed in a controlled Ted Baxter MSM that grovel and wallow not so much in mis- or dis- information but as they are in distraction. Distraction that’s inspired by slovenly and torpid snooze gathering. Jiggling keys in front of the crying baby.

And be not mistaken, my friends. I’m not prone to reactionary excess as some are. It’s not in my nature or DNA. What I am prone to is being able to identify and target lies and distortion. And I submit that the country is thirsty for truth and reality.

Funny, you’d never know that if you just watched what America just watched.

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