LIONEL PODCAST: Revolution Against Tyranny Is Quintessentially American

Che Guevara said that cruel leaders are replaced only to have new leaders turn cruel. Brutality is inherent in global power. And the savagery knows no limits. You can’t conquer without destroying those whose liberty interferes with rapacious consumption. These are nasty, evil people who think nothing . . . literally. They think not, feel not and care not.

The only way we can change things is through revolution. A top to bottom rejection and removal of all that’s status quo. That requires you know considerably more than you do. You’re stuck in a world of stupid. You know no better. You’re stuck. Stuck in an information quicksand. You mean well, you want to trust but you’re too trusting.

It’s inconceivable that your country is being run by some of the most perfidious and mind-bogglingly evil people. And I use that term evil often. Because it’s most apt.

This is from an email that was sent to me from a viewer. It’s listed as is. The import of its message is unmistakable and unnerving.

Since my move back to Jersey over a year ago I always make sure to catch your segment on PIX11 at night. It seems you’re hitting the nail right on the head night after night. In 1969 my family took a summer vacation in Eastern Europe to visit family in Czechoslovakia and Poland. Since we had to cross three different borders we were treated to shakedowns and searches by machine-gun wielding storm troopers. At one checkpoint they took prayer books from my mom, which were gifts for her relatives. While staying with family and friends we were warned not to say anything anti-government in mixed company. My father was dragged to the police station for questioning one morning because of a conversation we had at a gathering the night before. I thought to myself, how wonderful it is to be an American. Forty something odd years later, and my own government is now treating me similarly. When Reagan was elected I had a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that this was the beginning of the end. Then came Bush a few years later and then another one. I did not vote in the last presidential election because I didn’t like the idea of wasting my time to elect a paid for (put a corporate, interest group, or lobby name here) presidential candidate. My vote doesn’t matter anymore. As a musician I wrote some nasty anti-political tunes over the years but no ones got the balls to play them. One of them was even removed from a popular music site because of its message and language. When the GOP was in St. Paul I saw our government at its best. Harassing and beating innocent Americans who were there for peaceful demonstrations. All your comments are true, but the trillion-dollar question is; what can Americans do about the current state of affairs? It’s like living behind the iron curtain again. Unless the whole country rallies to remove the present so-called leaders nothing will change and things will only get worse. Do you have an answer? Anyway, keep up the great work. Too bad you’re not running for prez, cause you’d definitely get my vote.

Evil. There, I said it again.

And now, wanna blow your mind? Watch this. This is just an ort, a brief sampling of the evil that man can exert. When you mention mind control, the clueless sheeple laugh. Oh, it’s just another crazy conspiracy theory. really? Are you sure about that?

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