LIONEL PODCAST: Stop Appeasing the Tyrants

The will to resist is all but destroyed. Your will, the collective will. It’s not that folks are happy with what’s happening, they simply don’t care. Less they could not care. (A variation of “couldn’t care less.” Get it?)

I was thinking about Phil Ochs. His legacy, his message. Mention a protest song today and what would a kid think? What’s a protest song? Who’s the revolutionary, where’s the counterculture? They’ve no idea why anyone would be even protesting. Protesting what? Why wold someone complain? Aren’t things OK?

And it’s not just kids. It’s everyone. It’s not contentment but insouciance, ennui, nonchalance. The will to resist is gone. Destroyed. It’s an amalgam of learned helplessness and habituation conditioning. And while other news delivery systems and commentary vehicles speak of dissension, it’s tepid and targeted at the mythical left-right illusion. The bottom line is that any perceived dissent is contrived, orchestrated and carefully monitored.

We’ve no will to resist. And don’t even miss it.

The only chance for any change in this country is Ron Paul and a Paulian platform. It’s that simple. And yet, the mainstream feckless Ted Baxter media continue to marginalize him under strict orders from those on high.

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