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LIONEL PODCAST: The Wretched Pathetic Country That Was A Source Of My Pride

My country? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Look at the contempt that people have for OWS and protestors. And to show you the genius of the globalist banksters, they’ve made it seem that it’s OK to unleash wrath against those who’d dare and complain, to voice an objection. But when it comes to the poor and needy, F’em! Especially from these ersatz Christians who claim to follow Jesus’s words to the letter. What absolute hypocrites we’ve become. And I throw you into the mix because your nonfeasance tacitly endorses this behavior. You probably applauded the Ted Baxter media types who repeated the mantra that the OWS protestors had no message or clarity of purpose. Did you say that during the civil rights movement? Would you dare? Were you alive? Are you awake?

Whither humor?

In the most amazing example of missing the point, please see my disquisition on why Billy Crystal’s alleged blackface wasn’t blackface. It’s emblematic of how we’ve lost our sense of humor or any sophistication for the intent of an artistic project. It’s so sad. I always ask whether All in the Family could ever be reintroduced on TV. I mean the actual scripts the actual dialogue. No way, Hose B. I’m a stickler for intent. What was your intention? What did you intend to do or say or what feeling did you mean to connote? Hatred, enmity, racism? Or homage and honor. It doesn’t matter today. And it’s beyond sad.


Truly you do. And I don’t astound easily. And I’m also astound by some who are mind-bogglingly brain dead and closed-minded. Remove all filters from your worldview. Anything that distracts or limits or keeps you from complete and total immersion into a subject, remove it and them. Be not afraid to listen. To all, everyone anent everything. If there’s one thing in front of you that causes you the slightest hesitation in at least listening and considering remove it anon. And be yourself. Be exactly who you are.

Let the Prophet Omega preach the holy gospel of quiddity to the soul-searing guitar of Adrian Belew of King Crimson and Zappa fame. I used to play this when I was doing afternoons in Tampa at WFLA. I love the message and the story of the song is also amazing. Seems that Professor Belew took the homily of the P.O. and put it to music. I love the message. Don’t let its Popeye simplicity fool you. The message is gorgeous.

And enjoy this video disquisition. In the area here we’re in the throes of a trial wherein a college kid, a creep by any stretch of the definition, surreptitiously recorded his roommate who was having a homosexual rendezvous. The young man, apparently overcome with embarrassment or just suicidal, jumped off the GWB. The young man who recorded him is on trial for inter alia bias intimidation, whatever the hell that means. It’s a thought crime no matter how you cut it.

The idea is simple, so pay particular attention. Bias intimidation and hate crime offenses are unconstitutional, insane and unenforceable.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Con That Keeps On Killing

Irreligious. Apatheist. A portmanteau, get it. I don’t understand it. Never really did. Not speaking French = Not speaking God. Skeptic. Buddhist. Agnostic. Non-theistic. Doubter. Realist. Non-denominational/non-delusional. And how does a kid believe in something he was told? Kids can’t believe in God. Just like a kid can’t be a Republican.

I never cared about faith. It’s up to you. It’s your call. I don’t care about Dungeons and Dragons either. But with that comes a respect for others’ faith. It’s a fact of life and religious faith is something shared by virtually the entire planet. I believe there’s a God gene. A hard-wired circuitry that most humans possess. It’s what causes them to jump to the God conclusion when awe and amazement overcome them. It’s that last exit on the imagination highway. When life proves more than can be fathomed, it’s Gawd.

And my favorite: do you think we’re here by accident. Accident! Evolution, natural selection, Darwinian mechanics are accident?! First, you besmirch your God. You libel her mechanism of transition! And if I hear once more of the idiocy of intelligent design, one more time of the evolution of the eye as being proof positive of an anthropomorphic big guy, I’m climbing a bell tower. No singular event has so royally screwed up mankind as — not religion, mind you — the religious. Whenever man interjects herself into the mechanics of the universe we get Joel Osteen. And no, no, I have no idea what that meant.

And in another example of our inherent lunacy, legislatures have brought you anti-bullying statutes that defy logic. The hubris that these armchair constitutionalists possessed in thinking they could cobble together prohibitory language that correctly targets the behavior proscribed while leaving intact the freedom to be a Grade A all-American horse’s ass astounds me to this very day. And I’m not easily astounded.

Therefore, without further ado, I bid you adieu and direct your attention infra.

LIONEL PODCAST: Abolish Freedom of Speech! We Don’t Use It Anyway!

You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence. – Charles Austin Beard

There is no word or phrase that can best explain just how insane my country is and countrymen are. How truly, absolutely nescient and clueless they and it are in knowing nothing about the country’s basic and rudimentary values and history. It disgusts me. And all we have to “guide” us are the loud-mouth Ted Baxter sockpuppet media stooges who know nothing but want desperately to be taken seriously. They’re vapid, vacuous and without merit or worth. They disgust me to know end . . . as you might have gathered.

And look no further than how we show and have virtually no conversance with the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment in particular. This commentary might help as to the issue of “Stolen Valor.”

LIONEL PODCAST: Why Is A Picture of Whitney Dead So Shocking? It’s True.

First, it’s true. Second, it’s probably a family member who was low on cash. Gee, that’s rare. But let me say again: It’s true. It may be gauche, crass, crude, fine. But it’s true and it’s what happened.

Whitney spent her life in the spotlight. She was a part of that Gawd awful Being Bobby Brown monstrosity. And in a strange, weird and perverse way this is the greatest send-off for a celeb. That’s what we’ve become. It’s part of our crude and boorish society.  Look no further than the stupid and jejune Linsanity puns. From a society that finds The Book of Mormon genius. From Jon Stewart who couldn’t get through a show without an F-bomb bleep. So, I ask you again, whither class?

And speaking of sophomoric, I’ve got just the video for you.

LIONEL PODCAST: Agitate, Aggravate and Abrade. Just Keep Pissing ‘Em Off!

Zappa said, “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” God, I loved that guy. And it wasn’t his music; it was him I loved. His spirit, his absolutely ballsy, obstreperousness and great attitude. When he and Tipper had at it, he won me over. We need more Zappas. We need more maniacs and hellions and reprobates. I hate complacent and boring and staid and settled and safe and scared and timorous and atesticular and impuissant and spineless and cowardly and ____. Here, throw in your favorite; this is a collaborative effort.

And what we certainly need more of is an appreciation and insatiable curiosity as to what’s really happening in the world, viz. what your government’s doing under the cloak of stupidity and our nescience.

Send in the drones.

LIONEL PODCAST: A Distracting Graphic & A Soulful of Stuff

No greater deception ever presented upon our people is the myth and fantasy of the terrorist. This beautifully protean and malleable chimerical image, nightmare and one-size-fits-all bogeyman. It’s the other guy. The foreign guy. The guy with the funny beard and funny name and funny religion. The guy who hates our freedom even though, to this day, we have no idea what that means. All terrorists are al Qaeda. All of them. It doesn’t mater what that means or who they are or how they were devised and constructed and devised and invented.

The bad guy theme also applies to another war. The fictive and counterfeit war on drugs. And if anyone were serious about it, they’d investigate the interstitial chemical and neurotransmitter reasons and bases for drug addiction. But there’s no money there. The money’s in prisons and incarceration, especially in the privatization areas. That’s where it is. And as long as profit’s there, no one will lift a finger to address the medical reasons for addiction.

There ain’t no money in common sense. There’s no profit in rational thought. Trust me, I’ve been in talk radio. Oh, sorry, excuse me . . . spoken word!

LIONEL PODCAST: Take It Easy. Take A Breath. Lighten Up.

We don’t laugh enough. Like kids. We don’t lose it. Laughing crazily. Belly laughs, cachinnation, chortling, we’re so goddamned uptight. About everything. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be most upset about believe me but what we’re talking about is the refusal to recognize the importance of laughing. Laughing doesn’t mean it’s not important, laughing means that you recognize the absurdity of something.

Sometimes the most important issues ever made or stated are those of the editorial cartoon. Is that funny? Was George Carlin funny? He might have been but the subject matter more often than not wasn’t. So much of what truly amazes me is absurd. Unsupported by fact or logic and insanely followed and believed.

It requires a special understanding of the issues to laugh. And when you really want to see absurd, look no further than CNN’s hiring Piers Morgan to lend his stuffy expertise to something as incongruous as Whitney Houston’s funeral.

This podcast is an amalgam of everything and I mean everything. And in the spirit of diverse thought, enjoy the video contribution infra.

LIONEL PODCAST: Pudendal Elephantiasis Awareness Month

I posted this message on my Facebook page and someone sent this: “Watch what you post, Lionel. While I certainly agree with the sentiment, it wasn’t so long ago in America when quoting Karl Marx could get someone in a whole lotta trouble.” That’s precisely the message of folks. Fear. Caution. Angst. And I would daresay that the writer of this admonition has nary a clue as to the works and thoughts and ideology of Marx. Karl, much less Groucho.

Today’s topic: Pudendal Elephantiasis Awareness Month. I just felt like writing that. Can you imagine that search engine entry? I love the word pudenda. Now that would make a telethon. Are you one of those folks who pronounces it “elephantitis.” If you are, this is not the place for you. Do you say prostrate? Supposably? Anyways? Ek cetera?

There’ so much to discuss this week: (1) Whitney and the media insanity anent such; (2) cafeteria Nazis and free choice; (3) the torpid media; and (4) ____. It’s that last selection that’s the doozy. Fill in the blank. Always a crowd pleaser.

Enjoy. Think.

LIONEL PODCAST: Beware the Lunchroom Nazis & Food Police

The story is without peer. Go. Just read it. If it doesn’t make you sick. Read it first. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Did you read it? What did you think? There must be some mistake, right? I mean, this can’t be happening in our country. It just can’t. Well, it can. And it is. And it’s getting worse. And you still do nothing. You stare. “His master’s voice.”

Lunchroom Nazis. They’re here. And please forgive me for using that dreaded term Nazi. I don’t want to go full Godwin on you, but the term is most apt. [As you recall, Godwin’s law provides that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches.”] That being said the amount of Draconian behavior is inordinate when it comes to the interruption of simple liberties. And now it’s even encroaching upon a parent’s abilities to heed her kid. And don’t give me this scheiße that it was in error.

And if you thought it was tough explaining to folks what the Fed is and the rudiments of monetary policy, just try explaining GMO’s and transgenic contamination. Good luck. There are so many theaters of war against our liberties and the latest arena is that of food. It’s a huge subject and I implore you to pay attention.

Imagine channeling Orwell now — George, you were so right about so much. But you completely missed the food Stasi. Food?! Yes, George. They even want control of our food.