LIONEL PODCAST: The Asylum From the Psychotic’s Point of View

Today was one of the most amazing news days that provided a seemingly endless supply of mind-boggling nonsense. The citizen me screams in disgust; the news decoder me can’t believe the panoply of material. And as I discuss herein, throughout the entire disquisition, I speak in absolute amazement over what’s happening. What’s happening unfettered. No one’s stopping it. No one’s saying anything about it.

  • A hate and bias arsonist blames it on the bossa nova and violent videos. Where’ve we heard this before? Would someone please once and for all learn the distinction between correlation and cause? For the love of Pete! And I can’t believe I just wrote that.
  • Sunday’s Super Bowl will highlight the DHS’s full frontal NSSE (National Special Security Event) status. What does that mean? Simple: every needle-phallused Barnie Fife will get to load up with riot gear, Kevlar and that look of Señor Badass and walk the walk showing the American sheeple what they’ve got to look forward to should they deign to question the absolute authority of your new and improved jackbooted Robocop.
  • A 6 year-old kid jacked up by the school fuzz for playing tag and errantly touching a classmate’s leg. You’d swear that school officials would know that this idiocy is a sure ticket to having your name emblazoned on every blog in the country as the biggest idiot on the planet. How many examples of hypersensitive sexual priggishness can the public take?

What happened to us? Somebody tell me.

  1. You have gone off the deep end Lionel, and proven yourself to be an ignorant jackass. The science supports anthropogenic causes for climate change. The influence of the sun is a factor, but not as significant as human activity in recent decades. This isn’t just Al Gore talking, it’s science.

    I doubt anyone is as thrilled as you seem to be with your amateurish recordings from your living room, complete with bumps that assault the eardrums of anyone wearing headphones. I used to love your show Lionel, but in your isolation you have become the audio equivalent of Howard Hughes, increasingly paranoid and out of touch with reality.

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