LIONEL PODCAST: Political Heresy & Apostasy

The attempts to make the GOP primary process interesting has been lost on me altogether. When you understand that it’s rigged, perhaps you’ll understand why. And this mindless, vapid analysts! My Gawd, how tough is that? Post hoc rationalization based on the systematic and systemic internal bias of the media machine. Wanna hear Obama boot licking and fawning, pathetically obsequious Pavlovian obeisance? Look no further than MSDNC. Want the official platform of the RNC? Faux News awaits.

If, on the other hand, you want something so devoid of substance, so wanting for the slightest indicium of relevance, then it’s CNN for you. There motto should be “News for those allergic to position, who eschew conviction and the few who even find vanilla piquant.”

In this podcast I try to establish my political position without giving way to unnecessary taxonomy. And in a most unexpected route, I assume the position of Jesus and take the startling position that JC and I would probably be on board. I take what’s loosely referred to as a libertarian position and follow a most simple approach: leave me alone.

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