I must share this with you. This was a most angry letter from a warmer, a global warming and/or climate change nutcase. And as letters go, it’s one of the best. Snarky, rebarbative and nasty. I’m his bête noire and his poison prose brilliantly addresses such. It’s great. Great, indeed. And please contact me at if you think you can top this. Please, I love hearing from you.

Now, the letter. He (I presume it was a he) was most upset over my suggestions that the anthropogenic causation models pushed by Al Gore and his Maurice Strong minions in order to establish carbon taxing and the like were bogus. He never listened to what I said. He just responded via a Pavlovian obeisance to his religion. The religion of the warmer/changer. Now it’s my term to be a prick: this feller’s clueless. Missing the entire point. If I thought that Rick Perry was shilling for Gardasil and Merck (as he was) that’s not the same as saying that Gardasil was a dangerous product (as it is) or that vaccines don’t work. Goober here missed the point.

But this well-intended but clueless Gomer yet again shows how people confuse a distrust of the notion of using carbon trading as a means to address perceived anthropogenic warming causation with a basis to initiate carbon trading.

You have gone off the deep end Lionel, and proven yourself to be an ignorant jackass. The science supports anthropogenic causes for climate change. The influence of the sun is a factor, but not as significant as human activity in recent decades. This isn’t just Al Gore talking, it’s science.

I used to love your show Lionel, but in your isolation you have become the audio equivalent of Howard Hughes, increasingly paranoid and out of touch with reality.

Please enjoy today’s podcast. It covers myriad issues as you can imagine. Please note also my indictment against the arrest of kids today for the most mindlessly of trivial reasons. What ever happened to common sense?

Sincerely yours,

Howard Hughes (increasingly paranoid and out of touch with reality)

  1. Glad you enjoyed my previous comment!(I hope I copied it all correctly from your note, your handwriting is hard to read 😉 ) That’s one thing missing from your show these days, someone to tell you when you’re full of it. Were you simply mistrustful of carbon taxing as a means to address anthropogenic global warming? Or were you also dismissing the science itself? …Or just certain people who accept the science on faith? Or is this whole thing your new schtick? It’s a work! Why let Alex Jones get all the action? There are plenty of slack-jawed yokels ready to bow down before the feelgood industry selling us the delusion of 100 years of cheap domestic natural gas and shale oil. You are right to question commonly accepted beliefs, but in this case the common belief is carefully crafted by one of the largest industries in terms of profit of any in human history. The propaganda effort against people like Al Gore is staggering. The status quo of happy motoring must be preserved at all costs (but only because the costs are dwarfed by the profits). Fossil fuel is a limited resource and soon demand will exceed supply, leading to either a radical restructuring of society or collapse accompanied by widespread civil unrest. Neither scenario will be without cost, but I guarantee the beneficiaries of AGW denial will have already cashed out by then, and corn pone Nazis like Ron Paul will be there ready to exploit the anger.

    Mr. Gomer J. Goober

    P.S. Please don’t believe me, go to and learn for yourself.

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