LIONEL PODCAST: You’ve Been Brainwashed. We All Have.

You’ve indeed been brainwashed. And it’s easy to see for yourself. Ask yourself this question: Do you support a candidate? With the exception of Ron Paul — and I will plead guilty to an absolute bias in favor of his platform — if you believe anything that, say, Obama or Mitt say, you’re brainwashed. You’re absolutely contaminated with and by their balderdash. Just this morning I was listening to Obama apparatchik Rachel Maddow of MSDNC, and I swear to Zeus it was a campaign ad for Hopey. ‘Twas unbelievable. Then if you switch over to Fox, you can still hear my pal Sean Hannity waxing nostalgic about Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan! What year is this again?

You’re awash in the wash of the brain. You’re so immersed and bathed in this nonsense that you can’t even tell what’s what. And that’s the nature of deception. That’s the nature of spin, deception and Orwellian Newspeak. You’re provided with a sanitized, washed and rinsed, dry cleaned message that yet again speaks with and to the illusion of the left-right paradigm.But don’t feel bad. I was a victim too. Just like you. I was there. I know exactly what you’ve been through. But I wised up. You can do it too. And it’s hard at first. It’s tough abandoning very provincial mindset you had. It’s tough. Really tough. But I’m here to help.

So there you have it.

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