LIONEL PODCAST: The Orchidectomy of the American People

The American people are worn down and worn out. They care about nothing. They don’t react, think, anger. Nada. Nothing bothers them. They couldn’t care less about anything I or anyone says warning them about virtually anything for that matter. They’re gutless, spineless and soulless. Learned helplessness, baby. Big time.

Their refrain is simple. Leave us alone. Let us be. We’re busy watching TV and the Giants or whatever. There’s nothing we can do anyway. And when we do care or purport to care it’s for parochial concerns and the like. Our politics are team sports. We play personalities. And don’t tell us the left-right paradigm’s an illusion.

And if you dare to bring them up to speed. the huddled and befuddled masses, that is, anent news or information that should frighten them and shake their pitiful worldview, you’re labeled a conspiracy theorist. And by the way, with that thinking you might want to join forces with Cass Sunstein and stamp out unapproved and unofficial thought through cognitive infiltration.


  1. Why should we believe any information? According to your brand of intense skepticism, we should question everything, leading to inevitable paralysis. We are assaulted by conflicting information all over the place- humans cause global warming/ it’s all a hoax- Democrats and Republicans are the same/ one or the other represents dangerous radicalism- terrorism is our #1 problem/ terrorism is relatively insignificant compared to car crashes or shark attacks- the recession was due to poor people taking loans they can’t afford/ the recession was due to deregulation of the banks. No wonder people give up trying to make sense of it. What are we to believe if we have no standards of evidence? What if you, Lionel, are the cognitive infiltrator, attempting to obfuscate very real differences between the parties in order to promulgate your libertarian agenda?

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