LIONEL PODCAST: Successive Habituation of American Sheeple

One of the most recurring points of my top of mind awareness — to the point I fear may approximate overkill — is how the American people have become so habituated to habituation. We’ve become used to, conditioned, worn down and worn out. And I’m sounding worn down and worn out myself as this message has been my recurring theme. But so critical is it that you understand it. Because the only way to be un-sheepled is to lose the yoke of sheeplehood.

My dream is simple. That one day our government fear us. Fear us totally and absolutely and positively. And not the other way around. I want Washington to tremble over the possibility that our wrath has been incurred. And that wrath will be exhibited by and channeled against a government through demonstrations, marches and reprisal voting. Through blogging, writing, Tweeting, texting . . . anything that limns just how royally PO’d we are.

How I want every elected official to squirm and panic over our power. Think about that for a while. It’s beautiful and possible and within our grasp.

And I was forwarded this most piquant piece, so listen carefully. Especially at the 1:12 mark. That dude. I know the voice. Sound familiar?

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