LIONEL PODCAST: There Will Come A Day When You’ll Apologize To Me.

You will apologize to me. You will beg my forgiveness. You will thank me for having had the unmitigated, inimitable courage to tell you the the truth. The real inconvenient truth. And not the anthropogenic causation nonsense that Fatso Gore spews. Since I first hit the airwaves in ’88, I’ve described an alternate universe, a parallel world of alternative news. Called the truth.

And if you apologize to me, then you will crawl over miles of broken glass to expiate your disrespect of and for these four. The quartet. Quick, what do you call them? Behind their back. Crazy, paranoid. Conspiracy nuts. Thanks. You only take flak when you’re over the target. And they’re so right it hurts. Absolutely spot on and on the money. And what they say shakes your sense of reality to the core.

When it hits you, and I hope it does sooner than later, how you’ve been lied to and moreover how the reality that’s been given you is anything but, you will undoubtedly think of me and others who’ve preached the truth. And think us.

After apologizing.

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