LIONEL PODCAST: Pudendal Elephantiasis Awareness Month

I posted this message on my Facebook page and someone sent this: “Watch what you post, Lionel. While I certainly agree with the sentiment, it wasn’t so long ago in America when quoting Karl Marx could get someone in a whole lotta trouble.” That’s precisely the message of folks. Fear. Caution. Angst. And I would daresay that the writer of this admonition has nary a clue as to the works and thoughts and ideology of Marx. Karl, much less Groucho.

Today’s topic: Pudendal Elephantiasis Awareness Month. I just felt like writing that. Can you imagine that search engine entry? I love the word pudenda. Now that would make a telethon. Are you one of those folks who pronounces it “elephantitis.” If you are, this is not the place for you. Do you say prostrate? Supposably? Anyways? Ek cetera?

There’ so much to discuss this week: (1) Whitney and the media insanity anent such; (2) cafeteria Nazis and free choice; (3) the torpid media; and (4) ____. It’s that last selection that’s the doozy. Fill in the blank. Always a crowd pleaser.

Enjoy. Think.

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