LIONEL PODCAST: Take It Easy. Take A Breath. Lighten Up.

We don’t laugh enough. Like kids. We don’t lose it. Laughing crazily. Belly laughs, cachinnation, chortling, we’re so goddamned uptight. About everything. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be most upset about believe me but what we’re talking about is the refusal to recognize the importance of laughing. Laughing doesn’t mean it’s not important, laughing means that you recognize the absurdity of something.

Sometimes the most important issues ever made or stated are those of the editorial cartoon. Is that funny? Was George Carlin funny? He might have been but the subject matter more often than not wasn’t. So much of what truly amazes me is absurd. Unsupported by fact or logic and insanely followed and believed.

It requires a special understanding of the issues to laugh. And when you really want to see absurd, look no further than CNN’s hiring Piers Morgan to lend his stuffy expertise to something as incongruous as Whitney Houston’s funeral.

This podcast is an amalgam of everything and I mean everything. And in the spirit of diverse thought, enjoy the video contribution infra.

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