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No greater deception ever presented upon our people is the myth and fantasy of the terrorist. This beautifully protean and malleable chimerical image, nightmare and one-size-fits-all bogeyman. It’s the other guy. The foreign guy. The guy with the funny beard and funny name and funny religion. The guy who hates our freedom even though, to this day, we have no idea what that means. All terrorists are al Qaeda. All of them. It doesn’t mater what that means or who they are or how they were devised and constructed and devised and invented.

The bad guy theme also applies to another war. The fictive and counterfeit war on drugs. And if anyone were serious about it, they’d investigate the interstitial chemical and neurotransmitter reasons and bases for drug addiction. But there’s no money there. The money’s in prisons and incarceration, especially in the privatization areas. That’s where it is. And as long as profit’s there, no one will lift a finger to address the medical reasons for addiction.

There ain’t no money in common sense. There’s no profit in rational thought. Trust me, I’ve been in talk radio. Oh, sorry, excuse me . . . spoken word!

  1. 😛 Excellent work. By the way, you don’t find it impossible for someone with a sophomoric sense of humor to dabble in any variation of deeper intellect and sensible taste (because I happen to hear your radio-rant about South Park as I semi-took heart to today?) I have to pay closer attention to you before I cast any judgement because I really like this post. Speaking of casting judgement. Speaking of casting judgement, what’s your take on news about employers being able to view social networking websites despite what the website proclaims to be “privacy settings?” Maybe I have been a bit naive to believe in such reassurances of posting my opinions to a closer knit realm of friends (have already pondered this being a potentiality towards 2+ years of non-stable employment after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree.) My account is set to Fort Knox as is recommended by mutual friends and the website itself because I put up non-O’Reilly-esque posts of your own sort above, political opinions that may easily be considered “anti-capitalist” to the premature and simple-minded individual, and yes, sophomoric pictures and video posts from my favorite cartoons. With summarizing respect to each prior statement: I am not a Fox News fan, I have qualms with my ratio of accrued debt to my pay-rates of recent years, and I utilize “goofiness” more often than substance euphoria (particularly, ones targeting dopamine) as serenity to the horrendous wealth distribution in this country towards people like myself who live and contribute to society a bit more than the average louse; as I feel I am treated. So, to digress my point and questioning, how ethical is it dually of Facebook to promise privacy AS WELL AS industry-creeps to what we’ll currently call “magically” find a way in to our personal data and judge us from what they see? I must say, even since I heard that there was still a possibility of recruiters getting in, I have posted EVEN MORE adamantly with my privacy settings up just because I was waiting for the moment to officially find out that the biggest breach of personal privacy EVER would come at the hands and keyboards of the very industries we buy from and apply for jobs from. Let me know…either here, or on the radio.

    From one intellect o the next,


  2. That was a typographical farewell to say, “From one intellect to the next.” I don’t revise as much as I do my resume and cover letter in things like these. I hope you understand.

  3. I have a friend who swears that he knows every single one of his five hundred Facebook friends. (Except that I happen to know that at least two of them are me as pseudonyms.) If I were an employer, I would make up an entire fake Facebook family, collect a bunch of “friends” to make myself seem real, and then friend every single one of my employees….paying particular attention to those with tendencies toward “goofiness.” ;-)) Seriously, though, it’s a WAY better indicator of character than the pre-employment psyche test….

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