LIONEL PODCAST: Why Is A Picture of Whitney Dead So Shocking? It’s True.

First, it’s true. Second, it’s probably a family member who was low on cash. Gee, that’s rare. But let me say again: It’s true. It may be gauche, crass, crude, fine. But it’s true and it’s what happened.

Whitney spent her life in the spotlight. She was a part of that Gawd awful Being Bobby Brown monstrosity. And in a strange, weird and perverse way this is the greatest send-off for a celeb. That’s what we’ve become. It’s part of our crude and boorish society.  Look no further than the stupid and jejune Linsanity puns. From a society that finds The Book of Mormon genius. From Jon Stewart who couldn’t get through a show without an F-bomb bleep. So, I ask you again, whither class?

And speaking of sophomoric, I’ve got just the video for you.

  1. You’re good! You get as fierce as I do on topics that irk me. I heard the radio announcement about the things you hate (I too, heavily dis-like socks and sandals.) Careful though, saying what you “hate” is taken far out of context, it IS spelled with as many letters as the explicit, interpretation of the bleep-sound we hear commonly utilized for that F-bomb (and others.) It is only a wand-blessing away from being put on the same shelf as the F-bomb (remember, we accept these things as norms because someone else told us too.) What if both words, or for matters of fairness, love, ALL had to be bleeped out to maintain a “neutrality of vibes communicated.” I’m a younger buck than yourself sir, but from what I hear there was a time it was frowned-upon to use the words “pregnant” or “sex” during times when “MEAT-HEAD” was acceptable for the market of viewers watching The Bunkers’ television show. In essence, our acceptance and depletion of broadcasted terms comes with change of general consensus (“common sense”,) agreeable majority, and trials and tribulations of time. I am not denying their is a large amount of stupidity, but I can’t say everyone is stupid like you or I are faultless robots; cynicism is cliche.

    And by the way, who hates what you post on your website (sincerely like your style as it points out where I need may seek personal improvements?)

    Do you really hate Facebook, or is it because you hate someone you think should stop using it before justifying why we are lied to about it?

    I think my boiling and often uncontrollable cynicism is fervent to this because some IDIOTS think people are idiotic enough; idiotic enough to never relish the potential for pervasive exploitation of our posts to meet some grandiose interest (marketing, advertising, etc.)

    I do not have any problem with checking in on me or anyone else for National Security, because there ARE some who have negative physical intent exposed by their posts.

    We may not be brothers, we may not be relatives, and one of us probably gets paid more than the other for ranting and marketing ourselves either to strangers or explicitly to friends. Nonetheless, we both know who me mean to expose ourselves to (not expose people secretly and electronically for being “mean” by illegal practice.)

    If I must close this comment out, I wanted to consciously say with censorship, respectful word-choice, and with sincere contrast to saying “I H%#E YOU AND YOUR SHOW LIONEL…”

    “I L@&E YOU LIONEL.” Good work. Keep us thinking.

    –Sean 😈

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