LIONEL PODCAST: Abolish Freedom of Speech! We Don’t Use It Anyway!

You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence. – Charles Austin Beard

There is no word or phrase that can best explain just how insane my country is and countrymen are. How truly, absolutely nescient and clueless they and it are in knowing nothing about the country’s basic and rudimentary values and history. It disgusts me. And all we have to “guide” us are the loud-mouth Ted Baxter sockpuppet media stooges who know nothing but want desperately to be taken seriously. They’re vapid, vacuous and without merit or worth. They disgust me to know end . . . as you might have gathered.

And look no further than how we show and have virtually no conversance with the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment in particular. This commentary might help as to the issue of “Stolen Valor.”

  1. Excellent work, it is fundamentally American to not be persecuted for lies, though I don’t know how much I can condone excessive false statements without applying personal sanctions against liars. Politics is an Olympic festival of lies, BUT I think I can have en-writ a tally of WHICH party has had the largest history of lying (Independents can be included if requested.) Sure, the out-and-about denominator to throw out recently is “BOTHH PARTIES LIEE” yet either a miscalculation (or a misplaced memory) of a third, vaguely dissociative party is dismembered from lying possibility. I think it’s a new, fun, unique way to manipulate the mind out of a vote for the Nike and Reebok just to get in and do something one or the other has already done! Nonetheless, this is not a weakness, it’s just appeal displayed and how many hearts you can warm without letting too many get away to the other two guys. In all all aspects of the spectrum, we all have hearts to be warmed too. Aww, how cute…but dare not call any of us weak! We’ll go on Facebook and flex our muscles to some we know are watching, and some we don’t.

    –Sean 😀


  2. (Fun and generic third party representation subject to converse/merge with Nike/Reebok at any given time.)

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