Truly you do. And I don’t astound easily. And I’m also astound by some who are mind-bogglingly brain dead and closed-minded. Remove all filters from your worldview. Anything that distracts or limits or keeps you from complete and total immersion into a subject, remove it and them. Be not afraid to listen. To all, everyone anent everything. If there’s one thing in front of you that causes you the slightest hesitation in at least listening and considering remove it anon. And be yourself. Be exactly who you are.

Let the Prophet Omega preach the holy gospel of quiddity to the soul-searing guitar of Adrian Belew of King Crimson and Zappa fame. I used to play this when I was doing afternoons in Tampa at WFLA. I love the message and the story of the song is also amazing. Seems that Professor Belew took the homily of the P.O. and put it to music. I love the message. Don’t let its Popeye simplicity fool you. The message is gorgeous.

And enjoy this video disquisition. In the area here we’re in the throes of a trial wherein a college kid, a creep by any stretch of the definition, surreptitiously recorded his roommate who was having a homosexual rendezvous. The young man, apparently overcome with embarrassment or just suicidal, jumped off the GWB. The young man who recorded him is on trial for inter alia bias intimidation, whatever the hell that means. It’s a thought crime no matter how you cut it.

The idea is simple, so pay particular attention. Bias intimidation and hate crime offenses are unconstitutional, insane and unenforceable.

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