LIONEL PODCAST: The Wretched Pathetic Country That Was A Source Of My Pride

My country? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Look at the contempt that people have for OWS and protestors. And to show you the genius of the globalist banksters, they’ve made it seem that it’s OK to unleash wrath against those who’d dare and complain, to voice an objection. But when it comes to the poor and needy, F’em! Especially from these ersatz Christians who claim to follow Jesus’s words to the letter. What absolute hypocrites we’ve become. And I throw you into the mix because your nonfeasance tacitly endorses this behavior. You probably applauded the Ted Baxter media types who repeated the mantra that the OWS protestors had no message or clarity of purpose. Did you say that during the civil rights movement? Would you dare? Were you alive? Are you awake?

Whither humor?

In the most amazing example of missing the point, please see my disquisition on why Billy Crystal’s alleged blackface wasn’t blackface. It’s emblematic of how we’ve lost our sense of humor or any sophistication for the intent of an artistic project. It’s so sad. I always ask whether All in the Family could ever be reintroduced on TV. I mean the actual scripts the actual dialogue. No way, Hose B. I’m a stickler for intent. What was your intention? What did you intend to do or say or what feeling did you mean to connote? Hatred, enmity, racism? Or homage and honor. It doesn’t matter today. And it’s beyond sad.

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