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LIONEL PODCAST: This Is THE Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Seen.

Seriously. What the hell is this? I mean, come on. What, was it a slow day around the creativity hub? This poor kid Trayvon’s dead and this is his legacy?! What does this connote, he died for Skittles? He can’t speak for the Skittles contingent. Again, seriously, what the hell does this mean? I’m not leaving this paragraph until I get an answer. I’m fairly adept at semiotics and interpreting such. But this, this has me stumped.

The confused messaging is not rare. It’s the same thing that happened during occupy Wall Street. Kids who just dig the whole protest bit rallied around and played bongos and spouted mindless phrases and shibboleths about corporate greed. Or something. It’s what they believed was protest. And it made them feel a part of something. Connected. Their symbolic speech may have been disconnected, but there was a sincere effort to spout anger, anger at something. Anger at an amorphous thing and object.

And on a lighter note. Perhaps. Did you catch Christie Brinkley on the Today Show with the Torquemada of schmaltz, Matt Lauer? Here’s my, er, take.

LIONEL PODCAST: Ron Burgundy?! No. Ted Baxter.

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This picture absolutely says it all. This is what the mainstream media are today. But more importantly, before there was a Ron Burgundy there was Ted Baxter.

Ted Baxter was the precursor to today’s over-hyped, pompous, Botoxed and sutured, collagen-blasted pretty boy or gal who use the notion of news as a pretext for face time on the tube. How prescient and vatic Ted’s creators were to augur the future. This, mind you, was at a time where Cronkite reigned. Where Murrow’s Boys made up news rosters. Venerable and venerated, these men (mostly) commanded respect. ‘Twas the day before Fox and MSDNC. When these men were actual, bona fide reporters who’d eye-witnessed the horrors of WWII. Then came Ted.

Ted Baxter presaged the Savannah Guthries and Ann Currys and Bill O’Reillys. Folks hadn’t made the connection or established the meme of a Ted Baxter, a churl of unwarranted respectability. And remember, The Mary Tyler Moore Show debuted in 1970, 11 years prior to Cronkite’s retirement. That took elephantine balls.

Wikipedia notes that Ted Baxter “is a broad parody of a vain, shallow, buffoonish TV newsman. Knight’s comedic model was William Powell, and he also drew on various Los Angeles newscasters, including George Putnam (newsman), in helping shape the character. Ted Baxter has become a symbolic figure, and is often used when criticizing media figures, particularly news anchors hired for style and appearance rather than journalistic ability.” [e.s.]

No, sorry, Will Ferrell fans, Ron Burgundy is no Ted Baxter.

The podcast. I don’t hold back in this installment. (Surprise!) I’ve reduced my thoughts as to broadcast journalism into a succinct presentation that some colleagues might find offensive. But remember, you only take flak when you’re over the target.

LIONEL PODCAST: Be the First on Your Block to Buy the “Pussy Ass Cracker” T-Shirt. Xmas Is Just Around the Corner.

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Nice, huh? But I’m through. At least with the story for now. I mean, I can’t believe how it’s devolved into such an absolute mess. The facts haven’t changed, viz. that a young man is dead, but the back story is simply amazing. How it’s been exploited, co-opted, appropriated, distorted, name it, it’s just simply amazing.Remember this, one day folks will refer to similar situations as another “Trayvon Event.” This controversy will be known for its exploitation and how the message has been lost.

It started so strong. A young man, cherubic and happy. Innocently walking home from purchasing Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea. When on that fateful night he’d cross paths with George Zimmerman. The cop wannabe. Loser. The meme was do clear. And sympathies attached to this poor young man. A boy. Cut down like a dog. A 911 tape purportedly caught his howls and pleas for help.

And all that changed in the snap of a finger. ‘Twas over. The story, the sympathy was over. But the one fact remains: He’s dead.

I just hit my saturation point. I’ll wait to see what happens next.

In the mean time, I’ve provided the following infra as a disquisition and a break down of the S word and its derivatives. Bull, horse, bat and ape. Chicken may be included but the quartet deals with matters of S-severity. Do the math, Sparky. Just do the math.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Nodding Acquiescence of the Tellurian Lobotomized Sheeple, i.e You!

Nothing could be done against you if you cared and scared (them). Nothing. If your government feared you and the legions of you, it’d think twice about passing draconian laws that sever your liberties. There’d be no NDAA. No Patriot Act. No Gitmo, rendition, no profound and indelible embarrassment to my and your country.

Nothing could be done to limit your freedom, curtail your liberty or impose any tyranny upon you if you never let it happen. If the government was scared of you. Remember, we could drown them in our urine (as a wise friend of mine once said).

And when you couch your fear and redirect it towards obeisant “patriotism,” you in effect enable a rogue, rapacious, imperialist, globalist, Stockholm Syndromed member state country to further wrap its tendrils around you and squeeze the life freedom from you like a boa constrictor squeezing the life from its prey.

What a delightful thought.

LIONEL PODCAST: Trayvon Martin Was Shot In the Street Like a Dog. Justice!

This case gets more horrible every day, if that’s even possible. There’s just no way I can possibly justify George Zimmerman’s shooting this young man dead. Like a dog. Left to die. But it gets more complicated than that as you can imagine. While Florida’s stand your ground doctrine may have provided a legal basis for his not having retreated, the use of deadly force may indeed prove problematic if he’s charged. That’s right, if. And what would he be charged with? Remember, while this piece is being written, Dirty Harry’s sorta on the lam. He’s not been arrested. For anything. So what to charge him with?

Well, manslaughter’s a good place to start. Manslaughter. Man’s laughter. Negligent homicide. But problems arise when it’s Barney Fife’s word against that of a dead young man. And you can play all the 911 tapes you want. That won’t help. Believe me. And I don’t care how many N-bombs he dropped in said 911 calls. So what? Remember, that may be okey-dokey for hate crime purposes but this is criminal law, Jethro. It’s tougher than you think. And you can likewise forget any chances of federal civil rights prosecution. There’s simply no evidence that he targeted Trayvon Martin for death because of his race.

But that doesn’t remove the horrible facts of the case. Those absolutely horrid moments that certainly must have occurred.

Imagine the last moments of this young man’s life when the realization of what happened hit this young man. If he was alive long enough to even appreciate and experience the horror.

LIONEL PODCAST: We Live In An Asylum. And There’s No Way Out.

We’ve lost as a civilization. And it gives me plenty of room to discuss. We’re enslaved by not only government but the concept of such.

We’ve no clue as to the world, the news, the Constitution, law, medicine, rudimentary science, history, culture, manners, etiquette, protocol. No frame of reference, no perspective. No critical thinking skills or analytical deftness.

We’re awash in pink slime, Pink Floyd and I’m in the pink but not tickled pink. And no, I have no idea what that means.

Trayvon Martin, shot in the street like a dog, begged for his life while a waste of flesh and hominid, one George Zimmerman, finished him off for reasons logic will never entertain.

Now do you know why I’m the way I am?

LIONEL PODCAST: More on CFR Lackey and Globalist Putz George Clueless Plus the World from the Fish Bowl

Clueless George. George Clueless. That a baby, Georgie, beat the drums for war. Thanks. Thanks for buying into this mindless CFR, globalist hokum.

And do my eyes deceive me? Your schmaltz buddy is John Prendergast, a “human rights activist” and head of the NGO Enough Project. He’s also a former member of the National Security Council and State Department, second to now UN Ambassador Susan Rice, a fellow traveler of current National Security Council humanitarian (HA!) Samantha Power and a member of the International Crisis Group, headed by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Folks this is the crème de la crème of globalist biggies. I mean the A-list.

Unbelievable. No, strike that. Very believable.

LIONEL PODCAST: George Clooney’s a Schmuck and a Globalist Shill!

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George Clooney is a great, and I mean great, actor. Truly. But when it comes to having a minimal grasp of globalist politics and shenanigans, he’s nary a clue. He’s a Class A putz. And if not, he’s a globalist agent. And a putz.

George, I’m going to assume you know the globalist shtick, but for those playing at home — why do you think the Sudan is so special all of a sudden? Is it because of the horrific treatment that the Sudanese receive? Stop. First, who gave this kid a sign that says “We Need No Fly Zone”? George, babe, you’re kidding me. What PsyOps agent handed this kid the sign? The sign, translated, reads: BOMB ME! After all, that’s what no-fly zones are.

When was the last time, George, this country, the US of A, cared a shred about humanitarian abuses? Seriously. When? Tell me when we ever unleashed the dogs of war on behalf of humanitarian abuses? Try never.

George, the globalist cabals only move in when and where there’s something to steal and appropriate. So what’s so special about the Sudan and Africa, to be more precise? Rare earth metals. That’s right, Jorge, the stuff that powers and runs and is involved in every conceivable weapons system, guided missile system, computer, night vision optics . . . shall I go on? Patrick Henningsen provides this explication of what exactly I’m speaking of.

“Rare earth” metals can be found in everyday devices like cell phones, solar cells, tablet computers, TVs, hybrid cars and wind turbines. Lithium alone, is one of the planet’s most sought after materials as we move forward into our brave new world powered by batteries.

These are known as ”rare earths” because the 17 elements rarely exist in pure form, but do exist in mixtures of other minerals underground, leaving a trail of radioactive and acidic byproducts in the wake of the process. This leaves a very costly- and very toxic footprint through the extraction process – to fall outs that China is prepared to shoulder. For this very reason, the US has not exploited large deposits of its own rare earths.

And look at George’s compatriots? The usual suspects. To the usual citizen they mean nothing. Something about NSA or something. [Yawn!] Aaron Dykes explains for our studio audience.

Looking behind this tear-jerking propaganda, it is extremely significant that Clooney’s running mate in this Sudanese mission is John Prendergast, not only a “human rights activist” as head of the NGO Enough Project, but a former member of the National Security Council and State Department. He was second to now UN Ambassador Susan Rice, a bedfellow of current National Security Council ‘humanitarian’ Samantha Power and a member of the International Crisis Group, headed by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Now, I don’t want to say I’m prescient, but I will. This is my PIX 11 commentary on October 17 of last year, warning you anent AFRICOM and Uganda. George, this isn’t rocket science.

And then five days later I hit you with this one.

George, stick to acting. You’re really good at that. Don’t dirty your hands by getting in bed with these folks. (Now that’s a metaphor.)

LIONEL PODCAST: Dharun Ravi Falls Victim to the Thought Police

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Guilty! Sorta. Dharun Ravi is guilty. Of being a dick and first class prick — to use the legal terminology — and that’s it. Get him for invasion of privacy or trespass or the illegal interception of communications, anything but bias intimidation.

There will be a significant number of folks who have no idea what I’m talking about, but that never bothered me before. And it doesn’t bother me now. You see, they lack critical thinking skills and mistake whether this is a sad or bad case with should Dharun Ravi be charged with what he thought.

This was a travesty. Not the verdict, but the statute that allowed the verdict in the first place.

Oh, now he’s concerned. “When the law was written, we didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, spycams,” said state Sen. Joseph Vitale, the author of the bias intimidation law. “We’re going to revisit the law after the case has concluded, we’re going to look at it and see if we need to further clarify our bias principles. We want to make sure there are no questions in the future.”

Some legal scholars also have questions about the law. “The invasion of privacy here is crystal clear,” said Louis Raveson, a law professor at Rutgers School of Law in Newark. “But can you prove intent of bias intimidation, or can you really believe [Clementi] was selected for mistreatment because of bias?”

What the hell is bias intimidation? Let’s look at the statute, shall we?

2C:16-1. Bias intimidation.

a. Bias Intimidation. A person is guilty of the crime of bias intimidation if he commits, attempts to commit, conspires with another to commit, or threatens the immediate commission of an offense specified in chapters 11 through 18 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes; N.J.S.2C:33-4; N.J.S.2C:39-3; N.J.S.2C:39-4 or N.J.S.2C:39-5,

(1) with a purpose to intimidate an individual or group of individuals because of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, or ethnicity; or

(2) knowing that the conduct constituting the offense would cause an individual or group of individuals to be intimidated because of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, or ethnicity; or

(3) under circumstances that caused any victim of the underlying offense to be intimidated and the victim, considering the manner in which the offense was committed, reasonably believed either that (a) the offense was committed with a purpose to intimidate the victim or any person or entity in whose welfare the victim is interested because of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, or (b) the victim or the victim’s property was selected to be the target of the offense because of the victim’s race, color, religion, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

b. Permissive inference concerning selection of targeted person or property. Proof that the target of the underlying offense was selected by the defendant, or by another acting in concert with the defendant, because of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, or ethnicity shall give rise to a permissive inference by the trier of fact that the defendant acted with a purpose to intimidate an individual or group of individuals because of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

c. Grading. Bias intimidation is a crime of the fourth degree if the underlying offense referred to in subsection a. is a disorderly persons offense or petty disorderly persons offense. Otherwise, bias intimidation is a crime one degree higher than the most serious underlying crime referred to in subsection a., except that where the underlying crime is a crime of the first degree, bias intimidation is a first-degree crime and the defendant upon conviction thereof may, notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (1) of subsection a. of N.J.S.2C:43-6, be sentenced to an ordinary term of imprisonment between 15 years and 30 years, with a presumptive term of 20 years

d. Gender exemption in sexual offense prosecutions. It shall not be a violation of subsection a. if the underlying criminal offense is a violation of chapter 14 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes and the circumstance specified in paragraph (1), (2) or (3) of subsection a. of this section is based solely upon the gender of the victim.

e. Merger. Notwithstanding the provisions of N.J.S.2C:1-8 or any other provision of law, a conviction for bias intimidation shall not merge with a conviction of any of the underlying offenses referred to in subsection a. of this section, nor shall any conviction for such underlying offense merge with a conviction for bias intimidation. The court shall impose separate sentences upon a conviction for bias intimidation and a conviction of any underlying offense.


Hoist by his own Twitter petard. Or was he? Ravi’s Twitter page below, look at it. Where does he evince a hatred or bias against Clementi for being gay? It also illustrates the usual mindless stream of vacuity that is the stuff of most Twitter pages.

Quite the wit, this guy. Quite the wit, indeed.

LIONEL PODCAST: Alien Life Is My Source of Wonder

You may wonder as to the existence or majesty or cruelty or glory of God. I don’t. I wonder as to the existence, a parallel coexistence, of extraterrestrial biological entities somewhere else. And not necessarily in “outer space.” This is wonder wonder indeed. Wonder as in “the emotion excited by what is strange and surprising; a feeling of surprised or puzzled interest, sometimes tinged with admiration.”

Read this book. It’s the Bible of Roswell and will start you off on a course of similar wonder. Corso’s unimpeachable.

Records, history, government and military documents, all absolutely and positively show that not only are we not alone, but we’ve been contacted and visited and continue to this day. This absolutely fascinates me and yet folks are told repeatedly that there’s nothing to it. Or that it’s insane. They only thing insane is thinking it’s insane.

Do you know how many times I’ve heard that? Open your eyes and heart and mind. It’s amazing.