LIONEL PODCAST: Science Fiction, Fantasy & 9/11

Oh, don’t get worried. I’m not trying to scare you. Please. I’m well aware that this is a touchy subject. And whatever you do, don’t refer to this compendium of the official doubters of all that is 9/11. After all 9/11 is a religion and it’s an article of faith that anything even hinting at “conspiracy theory” status be rejected altogether. I’ve learned a long time ago that folks care not about the subject. But let me just tell you this, and take it from me, you’ve got to look all the information. And I mean all the information. Because if you think that this story is closed, you’re out of your mind.

With all due respect.

But herein I explore myriad samples of thought but will always remind you and encourage you as well to explore for yourself, at your own pace, the truth that is 9/11. It’s there. Hiding in plain sight. And it will boggle your mind.

And as to the untimely passing of Andrew Breitbart, I will say that I admired his guts and absolute indefatigable chutzpah in fighting what he believed to be the noble fight. We need more like him, irrespective of illusory political paradigm. He never cowed or gave in. For that I admired him greatly.

  1. Humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions may be acidifying the oceans at a faster rate than at any time in the last 300 million years…The pH is currently dropping by about 0.1 per century….The best match for current changes was the Palaeocene-Eocene thermal maximum of 55 million years ago, when vast amounts of methane were released into the atmosphere causing rapid global warming, ocean acidification, and mass extinction. But even then, it took at least 3000 years for ocean pH to drop by 0.5. “That is an order of magnitude slower than today,”…

  2. And yet with all those melting icebergs, Newfoundlanders are using the 50,000-year-old water to make beer. And for ice to make fancy drinks for tourists. Bastards…..Did you know that some restaurant owners actually SHOOT the icebergs?! It’s tyranny! Injustice! Like in Syria. We should invade Canada a take their oil….

  3. grandmastershek

    Indeed….9/11 is “hiding in plain sight”. Anyone can read the multitude of reports & studies from various agencies & institutions across the word any time they want. Sadly the so called free thinkers fail to and instead refer to BS conspiracy sites & yotube to tell them what to believe. Its now 2012 and they are still peddling “free fall speed”, “Marvin was in charge of security”, “no steel framed building in history, “pull it means explosives”, and “stand down order”. Instead of knowing what the reports say, they support a group of fringes who want them to buy DVD’s, attend their speaking engagements, and convert more people to fleece. Its sad & pathetic.

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