LIONEL PODCAST: Slutgate Captures The Imagination of the Clueless Yet Again

Is there no conception of the past? No recollection? No appreciation? Apparently not.

Asta Nielsen playing a suffragette undergoing forcefeeding in Die Suffragette (1913), from Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek

Early film reflected the society in which it arose, and there is no clearer example of this than the campaign for women’s suffrage. The movement to gain women the vote in Britain reached its climax during the period when mass cinema-going was first underway in the early 1910s, and films reflected the popular understanding of the suffragettes. The militant woman became a standard figure in early ficition [sic] films, generally portrayed for comic or satiric effect. At the same time the suffragettes were regularly covered by the newsreels, a dynamic new medium for reporting what was happening in the world to a mass audience.

The Bioscope

The inanity and insanity of this overdone focus on Limbaugh’s “slut” comments yet again shows how we’ve missed the point altogether. Whither the feminist? Where’s the outrage as to the notion that women’s reproductive rights are being marginalized and virtually eliminated by a rabid right wing that would one day seek to overturn Griswold? The world’s busy covering Snooki’s pregnancy.

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