LIONEL PODCAST: Liberty Gang Raped — Critical Thinking’s Gitmo

Remember when you were a kid and you drove your parents crazy with “Why”? You weren’t being a jerk, you were being curious. You asked and asked and, per usual, inquiry is confused with contumacy. How tragic. You really see this in the world of religion when questions asked are confused with heresy or apostasy. Such is the way of our world.

Asking questions is all about learning and the like, that’s the essence of the argument. That’s the basis of Bernard Baruch said, “Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.”

And I ask why? a lot. Like why do people still spell a lot alot? Or did they mean allot?

But on a more serious note, I ask why we’ve allowed the police to trample the Constitution? How did it get this bad? How did it get so out of hand and why do so many Americans laud and encourage more behavior like this? The foundation of our republic is the Constitution, specifically in this case, the Bill of Rights. It speaks elegantly and beautifully to a series of fundamental postulates that serve as the architecture of our freedom and liberty.

After I added the following comments of these two giants stating emphatically their disbelief in conventional faith systems, you can’t imagine the emails. One very nice woman chided me and these two bona fide geniuses for not making the leap of faith which runs contrary to the issue of proof.

I thoroughly enjoy hearing very bright people making the case for reason and eschewing convention. Plus, it drives folks crazy.

There’s no tolerance for questioning. There’s no understanding for and of the curious. These fellers drive the acolytes nuts. And the other way around, let me assure you. You see, secretly they inspire concern and fear that they may be wrong or deluded. For if they had absolute certainty as to the validity of their faith delivery mechanism and structures, Feynam and Russell could blather on without so much as an ounce of notice or concern. But because their faith is tenuous, their conviction suspect and their fealty unresolved, they insured attack the inquisitors and free thinkers.

  1. We allow the police to trample the constitution because our President does it on a weekly basis. I mean, really, how many times do we read “without the consent of congress” when presented with something the president has done? Our country is quickly going the way of the Romans. Anyone wanna talk Bread and Circuses?

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