LIONEL PODCAST: Chertoff (Son of the Devil), Rapiscan Lobbyist and Skeletor Redefines Conflict of Interest

This is the face of Rapiscan.

Getting Rich from the TSA Naked-Body Scanners
The New American

With all the commotion over the invasiveness of the naked-body scanners used by the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA), one question that has been ignored is who is profiting from TSA’s use of the body scanners? Mark Hemingway and Tim Carney at The Examiner discovered the shameful answer: George Soros, Michael Chertoff, and a number of lobbyists.

Both Soros and Chertoff are profiting from the naked-body scanners by way of the company Rapiscan, whose contract is worth $173 million. Lobbyists for this company include Susan Carr, a former senior legislative aide to Rep. David Price (D-N.C.) who is coincidentally chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee.

Former Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff was “flacking for Rapiscan,” writes Tim Carney of The Examiner:

After the undie-bomber attempt on Christmas 2009, Chertoff went on a media tour promoting the use of these scanners, without disclosing that he was getting paid by Rapiscan, one of the two companies currently contracted by TSA to take a nude picture of you at the airport.

Just days after the attempted Christmas attack, the New York Times explained:

Screening technologies with names like millimeter-wave and backscatter X-ray can show the contours of the body and reveal foreign objects. Such machines, properly used, are a leap ahead of the metal detectors used in most airports, and supporters say they are necessary to keep up with the plans of potential terrorists. “If they’d been deployed, this would pick up this kind of device,” Michael Chertoff, the former homeland security secretary, said in an interview….

Another notable connection to Rapiscan is leftist billionaire George Soros, who owned 11,300 shares of OSI Systems, Inc., the company that owns Rapiscan. Nova Tea Party Patriots writes, “OSI’s stock has appreciated considerably over the course of the year.”

In response to The Examiner’s report of George Soros’ share in Rapiscan, Media Matters (another of Soros’ funded projects) seized on the report and mocked the writer. The Blaze reports that Media Matters argued that “11,300 shares are only ‘six one-hundredths of one percent’ of the company’s total stock.

However, once The Examiner reported that George Soros owned the shares of the OSI Systems, Soros coincidentally sold all 11,300 shares of the company.

This is a great, comprehensive source of whole body imagers (WBI) technology, viz. millimeter wave scanners and backscatter ionizing radiation X-rays. Check out the lobbyists involved.

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