LIONEL PODCAST: George Clooney’s a Schmuck and a Globalist Shill!

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George Clooney is a great, and I mean great, actor. Truly. But when it comes to having a minimal grasp of globalist politics and shenanigans, he’s nary a clue. He’s a Class A putz. And if not, he’s a globalist agent. And a putz.

George, I’m going to assume you know the globalist shtick, but for those playing at home — why do you think the Sudan is so special all of a sudden? Is it because of the horrific treatment that the Sudanese receive? Stop. First, who gave this kid a sign that says “We Need No Fly Zone”? George, babe, you’re kidding me. What PsyOps agent handed this kid the sign? The sign, translated, reads: BOMB ME! After all, that’s what no-fly zones are.

When was the last time, George, this country, the US of A, cared a shred about humanitarian abuses? Seriously. When? Tell me when we ever unleashed the dogs of war on behalf of humanitarian abuses? Try never.

George, the globalist cabals only move in when and where there’s something to steal and appropriate. So what’s so special about the Sudan and Africa, to be more precise? Rare earth metals. That’s right, Jorge, the stuff that powers and runs and is involved in every conceivable weapons system, guided missile system, computer, night vision optics . . . shall I go on? Patrick Henningsen provides this explication of what exactly I’m speaking of.

“Rare earth” metals can be found in everyday devices like cell phones, solar cells, tablet computers, TVs, hybrid cars and wind turbines. Lithium alone, is one of the planet’s most sought after materials as we move forward into our brave new world powered by batteries.

These are known as ”rare earths” because the 17 elements rarely exist in pure form, but do exist in mixtures of other minerals underground, leaving a trail of radioactive and acidic byproducts in the wake of the process. This leaves a very costly- and very toxic footprint through the extraction process – to fall outs that China is prepared to shoulder. For this very reason, the US has not exploited large deposits of its own rare earths.

And look at George’s compatriots? The usual suspects. To the usual citizen they mean nothing. Something about NSA or something. [Yawn!] Aaron Dykes explains for our studio audience.

Looking behind this tear-jerking propaganda, it is extremely significant that Clooney’s running mate in this Sudanese mission is John Prendergast, not only a “human rights activist” as head of the NGO Enough Project, but a former member of the National Security Council and State Department. He was second to now UN Ambassador Susan Rice, a bedfellow of current National Security Council ‘humanitarian’ Samantha Power and a member of the International Crisis Group, headed by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Now, I don’t want to say I’m prescient, but I will. This is my PIX 11 commentary on October 17 of last year, warning you anent AFRICOM and Uganda. George, this isn’t rocket science.

And then five days later I hit you with this one.

George, stick to acting. You’re really good at that. Don’t dirty your hands by getting in bed with these folks. (Now that’s a metaphor.)

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