LIONEL PODCAST: We Live In An Asylum. And There’s No Way Out.

We’ve lost as a civilization. And it gives me plenty of room to discuss. We’re enslaved by not only government but the concept of such.

We’ve no clue as to the world, the news, the Constitution, law, medicine, rudimentary science, history, culture, manners, etiquette, protocol. No frame of reference, no perspective. No critical thinking skills or analytical deftness.

We’re awash in pink slime, Pink Floyd and I’m in the pink but not tickled pink. And no, I have no idea what that means.

Trayvon Martin, shot in the street like a dog, begged for his life while a waste of flesh and hominid, one George Zimmerman, finished him off for reasons logic will never entertain.

Now do you know why I’m the way I am?

  1. Hi Lionel,
    I enjoy listening to your “podcast” and I just had to comment on today’s (Friday, March 23, 2012) broadcast. You mentioned legalizing Marjiuana, the person wouldn’t feel any pain, etc., well – sure especially if that person is driving a car while under the influence of this MIND ALTERNATING drug, plows into another car and kills the other person, the driver using Marjiuana wouldn’t feel a thing!!! I just heard Marjiuana was found in Whitney Houston’s body, also… great idea legalizing, isn’t it??

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