LIONEL PODCAST: The Nodding Acquiescence of the Tellurian Lobotomized Sheeple, i.e You!

Nothing could be done against you if you cared and scared (them). Nothing. If your government feared you and the legions of you, it’d think twice about passing draconian laws that sever your liberties. There’d be no NDAA. No Patriot Act. No Gitmo, rendition, no profound and indelible embarrassment to my and your country.

Nothing could be done to limit your freedom, curtail your liberty or impose any tyranny upon you if you never let it happen. If the government was scared of you. Remember, we could drown them in our urine (as a wise friend of mine once said).

And when you couch your fear and redirect it towards obeisant “patriotism,” you in effect enable a rogue, rapacious, imperialist, globalist, Stockholm Syndromed member state country to further wrap its tendrils around you and squeeze the life freedom from you like a boa constrictor squeezing the life from its prey.

What a delightful thought.

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