LIONEL PODCAST: Your Kid’s Fidgety? Dope Him Up! Problem Solved.

Shoot your kids up. Vaccines. Ritalin. SSRIs. ADD. ADDHD. ADD/ADDHD. M.O.U.S.E. Drug ’em up, slow ’em down. Rawhide! We can dose your kid and tame him. Think of it as a behavioral lasso. Corralling that overactive kid. Extinguishing behavior, no problem. Even though it might just be a part of being a kid. That might have been OK in the days of Wally and the Beave but not now. Kids are slapped with a behavioral yoke. Why? Why not. Reality’s no match for chemistry.

‘Tis all around us. This massive effort to narcotize and tranquilize everybody for everything. Including our kids. And let’s not leave out vaccines. The rates of autism are through the roof. And that’s putting it mildly. It’s a pandemic. And anyone with a pulse is pointing towards vaccines as the culprit. Today’s vaccines, that is. Along with their incomprehensible frequency.

The truth vaccine. And from October 29, 2011 this gem. I try to gently lead the viewer into a world they’ve never questioned. I mean, questioning the medical profession?! Are you kidding? That’s what they says about thalidomide and DES. Remember?

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