LIONEL PODCAST: Wading Through Even More Insanity of the Trayvon Martin Case

The tale of the tape. First, be honest. Did you know Trayvon was this big and tall? How could you when you were shown baby pictures? Then again, anti-Trayvon contingents insisted upon showing Trayvon cum gold teeth. Translation: thug, I guess. But their defense (well taken, I’ll admit) is that that was in fact the picture he posted on Facebook ad Twitter. It’s a battle for image and memes. As if I had to tell you. And in no wise am I suggesting anything save the fact that when competing claims and defenses are weighed and evaluated, in the area of self-defense relative size and stature are apposite and critical to get the whole picture.

Let’s go to the videotape. Wait, are those gash marks on Zimm’s noggin? If they are, that lends cretins credence to the argument that he was the victim of physical abuse which lends further credence to the idea of his establishing self-defense. But remember there are no witnesses here. Save Señor Zimmerman.

Reality, anyone? Now let’s return back to the Mother Ship, shall we? Let me give a demotic review of the case heretofore. It’s what I do best. Next to small engine repair.

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