LIONEL PODCAST: The Best Damn SCOTUS Primer You’ll Ever Hear. Period.

Nino. SCOTUS. The Supremes. Their history is rich. Replete with fabulous examples of mind-boggling inconsistencies, incongruous rulings and unfathomable precedents. Stare decisis be damned! And this dude. Nino. The singular member. The lighting rod. Nino. Curt, nasty and the conservative darling. Opus Dei. Serious Catholic. Something like 37 kids. Nino. Brought up the broccoli reference and even pronounced it in the Italian “broccoli” style. You’ve gotta love Nino. Seriously. To begin with, he’s perhaps one of the greatest actors. Why? Because he’s imparted on the world the idea that he’s unbelievably brilliant. Without peer and that he’s a phenomenal jurist and juridical powerhouse. On the contrary. He’s a bully, a poseur and a second rate conservative hack and primetime schmaltz titan. And I love him. He’s no Holmes. John Holmes, maybe. But I digress.

They can do anything they want. And do. Great WTF moments in SCOTUS history? Look no further than Schmerber. Newdow. Go ahead. They’re real beauts when it comes to illogical incongruities. Believe me. And what’s so funny is how they’re just accepted. Without question. But when looked at closely they’re beyond laughable. G’head, knock yourself out.

Look at me, Narcissus. Look, it comes down to this. If you like a judicial decision, you’ll retool your review depending on who mirrors your worldview. That simple.

The poetic pounce. This simply amuses me.

Divide and conquer. My estimable colleague, Jodi Applegate, and I address what truly is a fascinating subject, but you’d never know it to listen to folks.

Build a better mousetrap. I have no idea what that meant. It just sounded good. To me.

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