LIONEL PODCAST: A Eulogium for Mr. Wallace

TECHNICAL NOTE: Monday’s podcast was snafu’d from the get-go. Enormous and Brobdingnagian in the depth of error. So, accept this apologia for the delay in presentation.

Say goodnight, Gracie. It’s over. Journalism as we know it. Not this pretty boy, Botoxed, Barbie boob job, airhead nonsense. Not 24/7 coverage of the Kardashians. No, I mean real, honest to Zeus journalism. Whenever Señor Myron appeared on the tube (I admit, I’m dated), you knew something good was about to happen. Something memorable, noteworthy. Of import. And you could tell it was important by virtue of how he spoke of its seriousness, it’s impact. He was synonymous with hard-hitting and dogged reportage.

Patchwork piebald pastiche. Listen to the sermon, the disquisition, the rave. The subjects transition, the times are tacked, taped and it is indeed the new delivery system. It’s to broadcast what Pollock was to portraiture.

A now, a video eulogium-encomium to the Master. Respectfully submitted.

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