LIONEL PODCAST: There Is Nothing Zetetic in Our Ted Baxter Media

Prolegomenon.I know exactly how this black sheep feels. Exactly. The lone (pardon the inaccurate analogy) wolf. Different and ostracized because if it. You play the game. And you’d better play the game or you lose. No one wants to hear anything from you that’s alternative anything. But you can spout the Ted Baxter sockpuppet media all day long without a worry or a concern.

Whither critical thinking?If you want to read absolutely frightening lapses in critical thinking read no further than my Twitter feed @LionelMedia anent Trayvon. The folks who are caught up in the process are Trayvoniacs who care nothing about the young man, but bask in the limelight and the warmth of the publicity, the moment, the cause.

A Twinkie eulogium.But on a more serious note, did you hear there may be no more Twinkies?

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