LIONEL PODCAST: Have You Heard the One About Marissa Alexander?

Explain the difference(s). Marissa Alexander faces a minimum mandatory 20 years in the hoosegow over firing a round into the ceiling of her home. Oh, I forgot to mention, her husband and two stepsons were present and claim she trained the weapon on them first. They also claim she was the aggressor. And did I mention she had a carry permit for her gun?

Is it about race? The local NAACP chapter President is in her corner and vehemently suggests that Stand Your Ground (SYG) should be implemented to acquit her. Big Ange Corey, that’s right, that Big Ange, opposes any such leniency, dismissal of charges or new trial, The jury has spoken.

So what gives? Welcome to the world of big time law, kids. A million cases, a million decisions. One law.

So what do I do now? Thank Zeus you’re not Marissa Alexander and enjoy the podcast.

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